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Storm Drain Marking Program

Storm Drain Marker

The Storm Drains in your community feed into our local creeks eventually reaching the Chesapeake Bay.  They are commonly misused for the disposal of waste such as paint, motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides and other pollutants. This improper disposal can seriously damage water quality and the environment.

Marking storm drains help inform and educate the public that they connect to our rivers.  Markers are installed quickly and easily using permanent adhesive that is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than paint and stenciling.  Help make Montgomery County a “Greener” place to live - mark storm drains in your neighborhood to help spread the message of water conservation.

trash in a creek
After a rainstorm, street litter ends up in local streams, transported by the stormwater drain system.




Storm Drain Marking Program Application 

To request the Storm Drain Marking Kit (below) please print and fill out the Storm Drain Marking application (above).  You will need to get approval and signature from your community association before we will accept it.  Fax, email or mail the completed application to MCDOT's Community Outreach Office.  Please allow 2-5 days for response.

MCDOT Community Outreach
Storm Drain Marking Program
101 Monroe Street, 10th Floor
Rockville, Maryland 20850

Fax: 240-777-7178 Phone: 240-777-7155 Email:

The Storm Drain Marking Kit is FREE and Includes:

  • Markers (however many you request - 5 to 50)
  • Tube of Glue Adhesive (1 for every 12 markers)
  • 2 Pair of Latex Gloves
  • Door Hangers (as requested)
  • 1 Wire Brush (as requested)
  • 1 Canvas Tote

storm drain marking kit contents  







Door Hangers as requestedThis is a good tool to inform surrounding neighbors about the markers and make them aware of storm drain pollution going to our rivers.

Wire Brush as requested. They are assigned out for one month from the date of the project. The drains surface must be clean, dry and free of any loose debris in order for the glue to adhere.


storm drain doorhanger
Door Hanger

storm drain instructions for curb marker
Installation Instructions

 arrow pointer VOLUNTEERS AT WORK

Flanders Shtasel-Kretz, completed 6th grade at Pyle Middle School.  To fulfill her student learning requirement in service of Chesapeake Bay, she elected to participate in the Storm Drain Marking program.  She contributed 10 hours to this effort marking 107 storm drains with markers "Don't Dump, Chesapeake Bay Drainage" in the Bethesda area.  The Cabin John Citizens' Association enthusiastically supported her in this effort.

two kids by a storm drain














Roadside trash and litter is carried by rainfall runoff through the storm drain system into local streams and eventually into the Potomac River. Most local streams in the County flow into either the Potomac or the Anacostia River (the Anacostia flows into the Potomac River also). Trash in our streams and rivers is unsightly and unhealthy. We are pursuing an aggressive policy to control trash in our streams, because we believe it is sound fiscal and public health policy to prevent trash from polluting our primary source of drinking water—the Potomac River.

The county’s commitment to a Trash-free Potomac River by 2013 is written into the County’s legally binding stormwater permit.   MCDOT provides funding and staff support to the regional public outreach component of this initiative.  The County Executive and several members of the County Council have signed the Trash Treaty which enlists the support of local jurisdictions in working to achieve a trash-free Potomac River by 2013.  For more information, visit the Alice Ferguson Foundation website, sponsor of this initiative.

arrow pointer WHAT IS A WATERSHED?

Did you know that the streams, creeks and rivers in your neighborhood are all connected by one "watershed"?

What is a Watershed?

Watershed Word Search Game

arrow pointer WATERSHED MAP


Prevent stormwater pollution: Nothing but rain down the stormdrain

Visit Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP's) website to learn more about storm water pollution and how you can help to stop it!  DEP also provides an overview of Watersheds including Watershed Restoration and Water Monitoring.

Learn more about Montgomery County's stormwater management programs:

Report Stormwater Pollution!

Polluting storm drains is against the law!   If you see or suspect a violation of the County's stormwater permit, such as people washing or pouring oil, paint, or other liquids into a storm drain or otherwise deliberately introducing pollutants down a storm drain, visit DEP's website, or call MC311 by dialing 3-1-1 or visit the MC311 website to report it online!


Water Quality is important to everyone!   Did you know that the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is creating an improvement strategy that involves you?

DEP has established the following watershed improvement goals for the County:

1. Runoff Management
2. Pollutant Management
3. Trash Reduction
4. Stream Resources Protection

To meet objectives laid out within these areas, DEP will be developing a Restoration Strategy and a Public Outreach and Stewardship Plan to educate and engage you in helping to meet these goals. In order to make this happen we need your help! The County needs the opinions of all of its residents on the current environmental stewardship programs that are offered in the county.  Please take a minute to tell us your thoughts so that we can improve our programs and provide the best service to County residents and improve the health of the watersheds.

 Visit DEP's monitoring our streams

We need your opinion - take this survey now!

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