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Comprehensive Economic Strategy

A draft of the Comprehensive Economic Strategy is now available.

Ensuring long-term success demands long-term and holistic planning. The Comprehensive Economic Strategy is a data-informed roadmap for the County’s key business vitality, talent, creative economies, and placemaking needs with a 10-year time horizon with a 4-year implementation timeline that will help the County advance its economic vitality.

From the outset of this project, the County Executive recognized the need for cross-departmental and cross-sectoral engagement in order for the plan to truly address the County’s needs. It will require effort from across county government, as well as business, non-profit, and civic leaders.

The strategic plan represents the first time that 10 county government offices and departments with a stake in economic development have come together to plan for the County’s economic future. The strategic plan benefits from the input of a broad-based Community Advisory Group, consisting of business, non-profit, and community leaders to provide input to the team developing the plan. We thank the members of the CAG for their participation and invaluable input.

Draft of the Comprehensive Economic Strategy .



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