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Montgomery County Ethics Commission

After receiving a written request, the Commission may grant a public employee or a class of public employees a waiver of the prohibitions of the Ethics Law and Sections 11B-51 and 11B-52(a) of the Procurement Law if, in the opinion of the Commission, certain statutory standards are met. The Commission may impose conditions appropriate to fulfill the purposes of Chapter 19A when it grants a waiver.

The Commission must publicly disclose every waiver. If a request for a waiver is denied, the Commission may publish its response as an advisory opinion. The identity of any public employee who applies for a waiver is confidential unless and until the waiver is granted. If the waiver is denied, the Commission may reveal the identity of the public employee who requested the waiver only if the employee authorizes public disclosure or the Commission has cause to believe that the employee has engaged in the conduct for which the waiver was sought.