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Collection agency

Montgomery County Public Libraries uses Unique Management Services, a collection agency, to collect outstanding overdue bills and items.

You will be notified by the library by mail or email when materials are 21 days past due. 

If you do not respond to this notice within 2 weeks, a letter listing account charges will be mailed to the address in your library account IF:

an overdue item or bill is 60 days old
the cost of overdue items, fines, and fees total $25 or more.

If you do not respond to this letter, your account will be sent to Unique Management Services.  When the account is referred to the collection agency, a non-refundable fee of $10 is added. The collection agency will contact you until the account is fully paid or until arrangements are made for payment and return of overdue materials.

Montgomery County Public Libraries offers several ways to manage your account so materials can be returned on time and accounts are not turned over to the collection agency:

Customer responsibilities

The library offers email overdue and reminder notices as a courtesy to library customers.  We cannot guarantee that you will always receive these email messages. Interruptions in service for technical reasons, spam filters at the Internet Service Provider, filled mailboxes, and the your timetable for checking email all contribute to missed messages. While we will do everything we can to ensure that library cardholders receive our messages, the library holds customers responsible for tracking the due date on checked-out materials and for paying fines if the material is not returned or renewed on time, whether or not an email reminder or overdue notice was sent or received.