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Contractor Licensing FAQs

Do I need to have a licensed DQI (designated qualified individual) when I apply for an individual license?
Yes. The DQI is determined at the time the corporate license is granted. The DQI listed on the corporate license application is the person that should be listed as the DQI when applying for the individual (Technicians) license. This means that there should be a corporate license in place before individuals (Technicians) apply. There is no specific license for DQIs.

Can I apply for individual licenses the same time I apply for a corporate license?
No. Please apply for the corporate license first. Once a corporate license is received you may apply for the individual licenses. The deadline for individual applications is October 1st 2009.

What are the fees associated with the applications?
For a corporate license, the cost is $220. There is one endorsement for Inspection Maintenance and Testing.  For an individual license, $55 is required for each person.

What are “qualifying documents” for the DQI and for individuals?
All applications require that the DQI (for corporate applications) and the individuals applying for individual licenses supply qualifying documents. The applications will not be processed without them. Qualifications are based on the appropriate section of the affidavit. Examples of qualifying documents include but are not limited to: copies of certifications, certificates from seminars attended, factory/manufacturer training received, a list of jobs with the duties you personally performed, or a resume. The more information provided to us pertaining to the applicants experience in fire alarms, the better. Simply attaching an electrician’s license is not adequate.

Who needs to sign the affidavit?
For the corporate license, the DQI needs to read and sign the affidavit as well as the person applying for the license, if they are different. For an individual’s license, the applicant needs to read and sign the affidavit.

Who can I contact with any more questions or if there are changes to my application?
Please call 240-777-2457 to be transferred to the appropriate person. The fax number is 240-777-2465 if you need to fax additional documents not included in your application. Our mailing address is 100 Edison Park Drive, Gaithersburg MD 20878.

When will the licenses be required in order to pull permits?
Beginning January 1, 2009 , a fire alarm license will be required in order to pull fire alarm permits.

Why do individuals need to be licensed?
Anytime Fire Alarm work is occurring on a jobsite, a person with an Individual (Technician) License with the appropriate endorsement shall be onsite. Laborers and helpers do not need to be licensed. The person with the Individual (Technician) License will be the person the Fire Marshal will go to to discuss the Fire Alarm project.

Do DQI's need an Individual's License?
The corporate license is not intended to serve as the individual license for the DQI. If the DQI wishes to be a licensed technician they must apply for an individual license.