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Children Playing With Fire

Playing with fire

According to the National SafeKids Campaign children playing with matches and lighters is the leading cause of fire deaths for children ages 5 and under!

Be aware that MCFRS provides a FREE comprehensive program – Operation Extinguish – for children who set fires. Operation Extinguish is a model program developed by the MCFRS in 1984 to provide intervention and educational services for juvenile fire setters and their families. The program combines psychological counseling and fire safety education in an effort to eliminate this behavior. In an attempt to prevent future incidents, we offer the below information and safety tips.

PARENTS...Let Your Child Know:

Control Your Child's Access to Fire:

Children/Youth set fires for many reasons:

As always; please make sure your home has WORKING smoke alarms on each level and sleeping area of your home. Having one in EACH bedroom is even better!

Also make sure you and your loved ones PLAN and PRACTICE a Home Fire Escape Plan!