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Office of Legislative Oversight

Public Administration Intern:  Research Assistant

The Office of Legislative Oversight (OLO) conducts program evaluations, budget analyses, performance reviews, and other public policy research projects, as requested by the nine members of the Montgomery County Council.  Public Administration Interns (PAI) serve as project Research Assistants, with assignments such as:  compiling, organizing, and analyzing program and budget data; preparing charts and graphs; and obtaining comparative information from other jurisdictions.  Employment is for a one-year term, with the possibility of an extension beyond one-year.  Research Assistant positions are generally filled by students who are recent graduates of a Master's Degree program in public policy or related field.

Minimum Qualifications

Applying for an Internship

Openings occur at various times during the year.  If you are interested in applying to work as a Research Assistant with the Office of Legislative Oversight and would like to be notified when an opening occurs, please e-mail your name and contact information to

Additional intern positions are recruited throughout the year by various County departments. For information on other intership opportunities in the County; go to the Office of Human Resources: website,




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