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Office of Legislative Oversight

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Report Number Title/Subject Release Date

2016 Reports

2016-6 The School-to-Prison Pipeline in Montgomery County 03/1/2016
2016-5 MCPS Local Pension Plan and Supplement 2/23/2016

2015 Reports

2016-4 State Aid Tool 12/1/2015
2016-3 Child Care in Montgomery County 12/8/2015
2016-2 Memorandum Report: Two-Generation Approaches to Poverty 11/17/2015

Memorandum Report: Comparative Data on High-Level Manager Salaries

CAO comments on Memorandum Report 2016-1 and OLO response to these comments

2015-15 Resources and Staffing among MCPS Schools 09/22/2015

OLO Memorandum Report Excel Beyond the Bell


Behavioral Health inMontgomery County




Procurement Performance Metrics


School Systems with Offices of Inspectors General


An Evaluation of the Commission on Common Ownership Communities

County Executive responses to Commission on Common Ownership Communities Report

2015-7 Case Studies of Local Business and Community Districts 02/24/2015
2015-6 Review of Alcohol Control in Montgomery County

Follow-up: Further Analysis of Option 4 – Private Wholesale Distribution of Special Order Beer and Wine

2015-5 Parking Lot District Fiscal Management and Budgeting 1/27/2015

2014 Reports

2015-4 Ready for Tomorrow Education and Workforce Summit Proceedings 12/9/2014
2015-3 Cultural Competency in Montgomery County Workforce Development Services 12/9/2014
2015-2 Developmental Education at Montgomery College

Montgomery College’s Response to OLO Report 2015-2 
2015-1 Cultural and Linguistic Diversity of MCPS Students and Staff 09/30/2014
2014-11 07/29/2014
2014-10 07/29/2014
2014-9 07/15/2014
2014-8 06/17/2014
2014-7 04/8/2014
2014-6 03/18/2014
2014-5 An Examination of MC311 Calls by Preferred Language 03/04/2014

2013 Reports

Report Number Title/Subject Release Date
2014 - 3

Youth and Work in Montgomery County

PowerPoint Presentation

2014-4 Montgomery County Data Innovation Committee 12/3/2013
2014-2 Injuries, Injury-Related Leave, and Overtime in the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service 11/26/2013

Bethesda Urban Partnership


2013-8 Managing the Design and Construction of Public Facilities 07/30/2013
2013-7 Best Practices in Open Data Initiatives 07/09/2013
2013-6 Municipal Tax Duplication and Revenue Sharing in Montgomery County MD

Appendices A through J
Appendices K through N
Appendices 0 through S

PowerPoint Presentation
2013-5 Coordinating Utility and Transportation Work in County Rights-of-Way 06/10/2013
2013-4 The Achievement Gap in Montgomery County – A FY13 Update

View Powerpoint Presentation
2013-3 Employee Work Hours and Leave in Montgomery County Government

View Powerpoint Presentation
2013-2 Review of Montgomery County’s Economic Development Incentive Programs

View Powerpoint Presentation

Fiscal Planning and the New Maintenance of Effort Law (Companion Document for Council Presentation)

View Powerpoint Presentation


2012 Reports

Report Number Title/Subject Release Date
2012-5 Montgomery County Deferred Retirement Option Plans 06/26/2012
2012-4 Alternative Education in Montgomery County 03/13/2012
2012-3 Services for Students on the Autism Spectrum 01/17/2012
2012-2 A Review of MCPS's Budget Category 12

2012-1 Food in Montgomery County Public Schools 07/19/2011

2011 Reports

Report Number Title/Subject Release Date
FY12 Budget Project Memos 4/8/11, Overview of Proposed Changes to County Government Employees’ Retirement, Health, and Life Insurance Benefits

4/25/11 Analysis of Proposed Changes to County Government Employees’ Retirement, Health, and Life Insurance Benefits

5/5/11 Follow-up: Proposed Changes to County Government Employees’ Retirement, Health, and Life Insurance Benefits

5/17/11 Group Insurance and Retirement Benefits for All Agencies, packet includes 5/16/11 Memo from Council President Valerie Ervin to County Council, An Alternative to the Executive’s Proposal on Employee Benefits

6/14/11 Resolution to Approve County Policy on Group Insurance Benefits for Retired County Employees

6/21/11 Retirement Benefits for New Public Safety Employees
2011-2, Part I Executive Summary

Office of Legislative Oversight Report 2011-2: Achieving a Structurally Balanced Budget in Montgomery County,Part I: Revenue and Expenditure Trends

Budget Spreadsheet: Three Scenarios
2011-2, Part II Executive Summary

Achieving a Structurally Balanced Budget in Montgomery County, Part II: Options for Long-Term Fiscal Balance

Handouts for Council Community Forums Montgomery County Council’s Community Forums On Structural Budget Challenges and Options to Maintain Long-term Fiscal Balance

Power Point Presentation
January/February 2011
Follow-up Memos to 2011-2 12/17/10, Potential Savings for Part II Options, Sorted by Year

1/19/11, Questions related to the County Government’s retirement plans

2/1/11, Answers to Questions about the Cost of Health Benefits for Active Employees

2/9/11, Comparison of the Governor’s Proposed Pension Changes and Options Identified by OLO

2/11/11, Recap of Recent Studies on Private vs. Public Sector Pay and Benefits

3/2/11, Estimated Savings from Alternative Health Insurance Cost Share Scenarios and Summary of Prescription Drug Copay Structures

3/14/11, County Government and MCPS Data on Employee Recruitment, Hiring, and Turnover

3/17/11, Additional Information about Current Retirement Benefits

3/22/11, Consolidation of Agency Group Insurance Programs
2011-1 OLO Memorandum Report 2011-1: An Overview of Publicly-Funded Family Planning Programs 09/21/2010

2010 Reports

Report Number Title/Subject Release Date
2010-10 Fiscal Impact Statements for Legislation 07/13/2010
FY11 Budget Project Memos Memo to the T&E/MFP Committees: Worksession on Expedited Bill 15-10, Taxation - Fuel-Energy Tax - Rate Resolution to change fuel/energy tax rates (For additional information see Council's website, Bill 15-10E, at: /content/council/leg/bill/2010.asp) Release Date: 05/07/2010

Memo to the MFP Committee: Response to Committee Request for FY11 Alternative Furlough Scenarios Release Date: 05/05/2010

Memo to the MFP Committee: Summary of Characteristics of Local School Systems Furlough Structures Release Date: 04/27/2010

Memo to the MFP Committee: Update on Executive's Recommended FY11 Reduction-in-Force for the County Government Release Date: 04/26/2010

Memo to PHED Committee: Examples of Proposed FY11 Reductions to Local Park and Recreation Budgets Release Date: 04/15/2010

Memo to the MFP Committee: Review and Fiscal Analysis of the Executive's Proposed FY11 Furlough, FY11 Reduction-in-Force, and 2010 Retirement Incentive Program Release Date: 04/15/2010

Memo to County Council: Examples of State/Local Government Actions to Close Budget Gaps: FY09-FY11 Release Date: 04/09/2010
2010-9 An Inventory and Assessment of Housing-Related Programs: Department of Housing and Community Affairs,Department of Health and Human Services, and Housing Opportunities Commission

2010-8 OLO Memorandum Report 2010-8: History and Current Status of the Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families 03/09/2010
2010-7 Truancy in Montgomery County 03/02/2010
2010-6 An Overview of Public-Private Partnerships in Road, Parking, and Transit Projects

2010-5 Comparative Data on Montgomery County and Fairfax County 01/26/2010
2010-4 An Evaluation of the Local Small Business Reserve Program

2010-3 Evaluation of Montgomery County's Speed Camera Program

2010-2 Succession Management 09/15/2009
2010-1 Data on Transit-Related Crime in Montgomery County 09/15/2009

2009 Reports

Report Number Title/Subject Release Date
2009-11 Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities and Neighborhood Villages


2009-10 MontgomeryCounty Public Schools' Career and Life Readiness Programs


2009-9 AResearch Brief on Furloughs and Buyouts


2009-8 Department of Economic Development: A Review of Budget and Strategies 02/03/2009
2009-7 Organization of Recreation Programs Across the Department of Parks and Department of Recreation


2009-6 Transportation Demand Management Implementation, Funding, and Governance 12/09/2008
2009-5 Collective Bargaining Laws in Montgomery County: ALegislative History

Appendix A
Appendix B

2009-4 Cost and Performance of Montgomery County Public Schools' High School Consortia

Comments from MCPS Appendix
2009-3 2008 Evaluation of Bethesda Urban Partnership 10/07/2008
2009-1 The Department of Health and Human Services' Contract Execution and Monitoring Processes


2009-2 Follow-Up to OLO Report 2003-4, An Emissions Analysis of the County and bi-County Fleets



2008 Reports

Report Number Title/Subject Release Date
Memorandum Report
Follow-Up Review of the Council’s Recommendations Related to OLO’s 2001 Evaluation of Landlord and Tenant Complaint Handling (OLO Report 2001-6) 06/18/2008
Memorandum Report OLO Research on Selected Local Government Strategies for Reducing Carbon Emissions 02/19/2008
2008-11 Recycling in Montgomery County Public Schools 06/17/2008
2008-10 Review of the Office ofPeople's Counsel

2008-9 Hiring Persons with Disabilities: A Review of County Government Practices

2008-8 Understanding Class Size Trends in Montgomery County Public Schools

Errata Sheet

Memorandum Report
Planning for the FY10 Evaluation of the County's Safe Speed Program 05/13/2008
2008-6 Department of Health and Human Services: Review of FY07 Behavorial Health and Crisis Services Staffing 01/29/2008
2008-5 Overview of Revenues, Expenditures, andOther Financial Data for Municipalities and Special Taxing Districts in Montgomery County 02/05/2008
2008-4 A Study of County Road ProjectCost and Schedule of Estimates 02/05/2008
2008-3 Review of Montgomery County Public Schools Facilities' Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations  11/13/2007
2008-2 Defining and Describing Montgomery County Public Schools' Progress in Closing the Achievement Gap  01/22/2008
2008-1 Base Budget Review of the Division of School Plant Operations, Montgomery County Public Schools  09/11/2007

2007 Reports

Report Number Title/Subject Release Date
2007-10 Inventory of Internal Service Functions Performed by Five Montgomery County Departments 07/31/2007
2007-9 A Study of Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit Program Implementation   07/19/2007 
2007-8 A Base Budget Review of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, Phase II - Net Annual Work Hour Analysis of First Responders  06/26/07
2007-7 Linking Montgomery County Public Schools Workforce Data to Council Decision-Making 

Letter from Dr. Weast Regarding OLO Report 2007-7

2007-6 A Base Budget Review of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, Phase I 02/27/2007
2007-5 Key Fiscal Indicators for Montgomery County Public Schools  02/27/2007
2007-4 Residential Infill Construction:  A Review of County Laws, Regulations, and Practices

Summary of Comparative Studies

2007-3 The Presentation of Workforce Information in Budget Documents 
Note: This report is not available electronically. Contact the OLO (240 - 777-7990) to obtain a hard copy of this report.
2007-2 A Study of Montgomery County Government's Recruitment Practices and Workforce Diversity  10/03/2006

Review of Montgomery County Public Schools' "Serious Incident" Reporting 

Appendix (including exhibits)


2006 Reports

Report Number Title/Subject Release Date
Memorandum Report
Implementation of OLO's 2002 Evaluation of the County's Sign Approval and Enforcement Process 08/01/2006
Memorandum Report
Planning the Legally-Required Evaluation of the Local Small Business Reserve Program 08/22/2006

An Evaluation of the Police Department's Victim Assistance Unit 

Addendum to Report:  Victim Services Survey Results

Executive Summary

2006-7 Department of Public Works and Transportation's Handling of Resident Inquiries and Service Requests 09/19/2006

A Base Budget Review of the Office of Human Rights

Executive Summary

2006-5 A Base Budget Review of the  Montgomery County Park Police 

Executive Summary

2006-4 A Base Budget Review of Montgomery County Public Schools Staff Development 

Executive Summary

Summary of Report on Clarksburg Town Center Project

Fact-Finding Review of the Clarksburg Town Center Project 

Appendix (including exhibits)

2006-2 L egislative Uses of Performance Measures in Budget Decision-Making 11/15/2005
2006-1 Laws Related to Child Witnesses of Domestic Violence  10/18/2005

2005 Reports

Report Number Title/Subject Release Date
Memorandum Report 2005-8 Implementation of Council Actions on OLO Report 2002-2:  (Transportation Services for Seniors and People with Disabilities ) 07/26/2005
Memorandum Report
Implementation of Council Actions on OLO report 2002-1: (Enforcing the Alcohol Age-of-Sales Laws in Montgomery County) 07/26/2005
2005-6 An Assessment of Language Assistance Services Provided by MCPS to the School Community 06/28/2005
Memorandum Report 2005-5 Research on Gang Prevention and Intervention 04/12/2005
2005-4 Services to Juvenile Victims and Witnesses of Crime in Montgomery County 04/05/2005
2005 - 3

An Inventory of County Government Programs Designed to Serve Seniors


2005-2 Review of Rental License and Common Ownership Communities Registration Fees  01/25/2005
2005 - 1 A Study of the County Government's Selection and Funding Practices for Health and Human Services and Community Development Grant Awards 02/01/2005

2004 Reports

Report Number Title/Subject Release Date
Memorandum Report
An Analysis of Momtgomery County Public Schools' Special Education Spending, Part II 09/30/2004
2004-8 Interagency Study of Tree Management Practices 09/28/2004

Limited English Proficient Persons: Access to County Government Services


 2004-6 Strategies to Increase Commercial Recycling  04/27/2004
Memorandum Report

Comparative Research on the Governance Structure of Fire and Rescue Services in Four Neighboring Counties


2004-4 An Analysis of Montgomery County Public Schools' Spending Special Education Spending, Part I 02/03/2004
2004-3 A Study of the Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Fire and Rescue Service Vehicles  01/27/2004
 2004-2 An Inventory and Analysis of Montgomery County Government's Strategic and Long Range Facility Plans 01/13/2004
2004-1 An Evaluation of the Bethesda Urban Partnership, Inc  11/25/2003

2003 Reports

Report Number Title/Subject Release Date
2003-7 An Inter-Agency Study of Pre-Employment Background Check Practices 09/16/2003
 2003-6 Services for People in Montgomery County who have Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders  07/29/2003
FY03 IBR#3 A Blueprint for Inter-Agency Coordination of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Prevention Programs 07/18/2003
 2003-5 The Structure, Cost and Use of Agency Mental Health Benefits 07/01/2003
 2003-4 An Emissions Analysis of the County and Bi-County Agency Fleets  06/24/2003
 Memorandum Report OLO Memorandum Report: Projected Year-End Deficit in FY03 Budget for Student Transportation  04/24/2003
 FY03 IBR#1 The Montgomery County Department of Park and Planning's Waste Management Practices  04/03/2003
 FY03 IBR#2 Montgomery County Public Schools' Approach to Seeking Grant Funds  03/25/2003
 2003-3 Overview of Services for People who are Homeless  03/25/2003
 2003-2 Services to Victims and Witness of Crime in Montgomery County  03/18/2003
 2003-1 An Analysis of the Facility Planning Process for Road Construction  01/21/2003

2002 Reports

Report Number Title/Subject Release Date
2002-4 Participant's Perceptions of the Special Exception Hearing Process in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties 04/16/2002
FY02 IBR#7 Managing Park Maintenance Costs: A Comparative Study 03/25/2002
Memorandum Report
Enforcing the Alcohol Age-of-Sale Law in Montgomery County 02/12/2002
FY02 IBR#2 Personal Computer Asset Management Practices 02/02/2002

2001 Reports

Report Number Title/Subject Release Date
FY03 IBR#5 Issues Related to Establishing a Sobering Center 07/17/2001
Memorandum Report
An Overview of the Hiring Process in Montgomery County 04/30/2001
2001-3 ReducingAlcohol-Impaired Driving and Underage Drinking in Montgomery County 04/03/2001
2001-2 Mental Health Services in Criminal Justice System: A Description of Montgomery County Services and Promising Practices from Other Jurisdictions 03/16/2001
2001-1 A Survey of Strategies for Reducing Alcohol-Impaired Driving and Underage Drinking 02/13/2001




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