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Office of Procurement

Our Mission

To preserve the public trust and ensure the integrity of the public procurement process through the efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement of goods, services, and construction in accordance with best practices; resulting in the highest value for County government and its residents.

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March 26, 2015

Procurement Reorganization

Expedited Bill 7-15, passed by Council on March 24, 2015 and signed by the County Executive on March 26, establishes the Office of Procurement as a principal Office of the Executive Branch. The Office of Procurement includes the procurement function as well as the duties that have been handled by the Office of Business Relations and Compliance, which ensures that contractors meet the wage and minority-owned business provisions of the procurement law. Points of contact and staff assignments in Procurement have not changed as a result of this reorganization.

New State Law - Cybersecurity!

As of July 1, 2014, a new State law went into effect that will impact County operations and certain procurement contracts. Read more...

2014 Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award Recipient!

Purchasing Award Image

The National Procurement Institute has awarded Montgomery County's Office of Procurement with the prestigious Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award for 2014.

Parking at the Office of Procurement

This is to NOTIFY Offerors and Bidders that public parking spaces are very limited in the downtown Rockville core. Therefore, please allow ample time to submit your Proposals and Bids on-time, as required. Late submitted Proposals or Bids will be rejected by the County.

Montgomery Count Green Business Certification Seal

Green Your Business Operations!

Environmental Protection's Green Business Certification Program is designed to recognize businesses and other entities that have taken voluntary steps to protect, preserve, and improve the environment. more...