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Friends of Recreation
Mission Statement
To support, promote, and provide revenue for specific public recreation programs, projects, facilities, services, and equipment administered by the Montgomery County Department of Recreation.
Who We Are:

Friends of Recreation was formed in 2003 and is an affiliate of the tax-exempt Montgomery Parks Foundation. Friends of Recreation seeks to encourage and obtain private sector support and funding for Montgomery County Department of Recreation's outstanding public recreation programs, services and facilities.

Friends of Recreation believes that recreation is critical for the health and well-being of Montgomery County residents and for the vtalityof the communities in which they live. Public funding can not meet all of the County's needs, especially during tight fiscal times. Friends of Recreation hopes to help the Department of Recreation by communicating needs and facilitaiting contributions from private sector donors.

Members of the Board of Directors : Mark Rittenberg (Chairman), Bruce Levine (Vice- Chairman), Larry Goldberg (Treasurer), Bob Metz, Bill Kyle, Charlie Steinbraker, Nancy Zivitz Sussman.

Contact Information: The telephone number for Friends of Recreation is 240-777-4920.