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water exercise classes
Water Exercise Classes
H2O fitness and wellness are the craze, and at MCR, we have everything from cardio workouts to pre-natal classes to hydrotherapies. The benefits for water exercise are undeniable, low impact and a lot of fun. But one innovative class we rejected, albeit reluctantly, is aqua barbecuing. Its day is coming, we’re sure.
Program Information
  • The program fee covers only the class and locker room use. If you wish to use the facility before or after class you must pay the admission fee;
  • No swimming experience is necessary for Deep Water Running, must be comfortable in deep water;
  • Both men and women of all ages are welcome;
  • Physician release form is required if you are pregnant;
  • Physician consultation is recommended prior to participation in any exercise program.


Wellness Network: Linda Costello 301-924-3488
Waterworks: Sally Dimsdale 301-593-1609
H2O Fitness: Peggy Brower 301-603-1328

Water Fitness
Our Water Fitness classes are listed below. Want to browse all of our Water Exercise Classes? Want to search by location, keyword, or day of the week! Ready to register? Browse, search and register for classes on RecWeb!


Shallow water class with high energy packed with power that will sculpt your abs and glutes. Gloves are recommended and can be purchased at class.

This CO-ED class offers a vigorous workout giving you the cardio challenge you want. It meets in the shallow end of the pool where the water will be churning. It is a power packed class where you will build muscle, endurance and stamina.

This is a class designed for moms who stay at home. Mom will get a gentle workout while the child gets used to the water and exercises with mom. Everyone makes new friends and gets some exercise. Child must be at least 6 months old. Your child will be in the class with you. A great class for Pre-Natal Moms.

AQUA YO-Lates blends both yoga and pilates exercises together giving you the best of both worlds. The gentle movement sequences will improve ROM (range of motion) and help strengthen the whole body.

Zumba is the latest craze that is sweeping the nation. This latin inspired aerobic workout is a Fun, muscle pumping, caloric burning dance workout done in shallow water. The workout is guaranteed to make waves.

Ideal cardiovascular exercise with no weight bearing stress. Beneficial for crosstraining and/or rehabilitating persons requiring the cushioning of deep water. Deep Water belt is required and may be purchased at the pool for $20.

The pool is where a pregnant woman wants to be! This fun (and challenging) aqua workout will tone your body by using the water for resistance training. Additional benefits: you're weightless when you're in the water (PRICELESS!), and water workouts help reduce swelling! A great class for Pre-Natal Moms.

Fast-paced aerobics class done in shallow water. High intensity workout uses water to cushion feet, knees and back. Emphasis on cardiovascular conditioning.

Are you ready for an X-Treme Workout? Water Boot Camp is a high intensity workout like no other. This class utilizes both traditional water aerobics moves along with modified plyometrics, interval training, running and jumping drills. A great way to burn lots of calories efficiently because your work your entire body, heart and muscles by going from one exercise to another. Enlist today and experience this top notch, effective workout. You might even sweat in the water! All ages and physical levels are welcome. Offered in either shallow water or deep water (belt required).

Multi-level aerobics class using water resistance to increase range of motion, strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness. It is not necessary to get your face wet.

Specially modified class for those who have arthritis and who cannot participate in regular exercise classes.