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Preschool & Kindergarten Camps
Preschool & Kindergarten Camps
Led by professionals, these programs offer an ideal blend of challenging and imaginativeactivities with a supportive and nurturing environment. Play, socialize and discover! Childrenmust be toilet trained by the start of the program. No transportation is provided. Programs will not meet on July 4. Parent participation is not required. However, parents may stay based on their child’s needs.
Preschool & Kindergarten Camps

3-5 years old: Get ready for some wet and sandy fun! Design your own sun visor, moveto the party music and create some incredible underwater art! Learn about theworld-famous sidewalk chalk artist Julian Beevers while we create unique sidewalk designs. There will be an Obsta-COOL course, spray bottle painting, sand and shell designs, beach party day and more fun on the run. A $40 materials fee is due to instructor on the first day of camp.

Ages 3-5 If you give a kid a paintbrush, he'll probably want some paint...joinAbrakadoodle for fun with paintbrushes and more! Laura Numeroff's 'If you give' seriesof books provides a lighthearted backdrop for making cookies, moose tracks, bubble baths and more! We keep a chilly moose warm, make a party for a pig and have a grand time with balloons. All while we learn about texture, printmaking, collage, found objects and recycled materials. Grab that paintbrush and let's have some fun! A materials fee of$40 is due on the first day of camp to instructor.

3-5 years old: The Letter M rules in this Abrakadoodle camp. We'll Mix colors,explore pearl-like Mediums and design special effects to create fun and shimmering art.We'll Mold Modeling compounds and Make butterflies and other insects. We'll Make our owncutouts like Matisse. We'll learn the Mechanics of the art of Marbleizing and More! This Marvelous camp includes Music, Mind boggling games and Maximum fun! A $40 materials Fee is due to instructor on the first day of camp.

3-5 years old: Ahoy all Pirate Island Buccaneers! Come aboard to create pirate ships,colorful parrots, treasure maps, sea monsters, ship flags, doubloon necklaces, treasurechests and more! Our buccaneers will explore cartooning, origami, sand painting, sculpture, cartography, and much more using their very own Abrakadoodle Pirate Kit. At the end of camp they take home the rest of their art materials for added fun at home.Materials fee includes all materials, props, games, stories and music used in class aswell as the take home kit that extends the learning and fun at home. Arrrrgh! A $40 materials fee is due to instructor on the first day of camp.

Ages 3-5 Attention boys and girls: Join us for Abrakadoodle's ultimate style camp.From Leonardo da Vinci to Louis Vuitton this is the place to create your own uniquestyle inspired by the illustrators, designers and artists who focus on the world of highfashion and design! Create dresses or shirts that scream WOW! Design cool accessories. Try out your creative ideas on sneakers or high heels! Get in the spotlight - and ready for the Ultimate Kids Runway Show featuring unique portfolio designs created by YOU! Amaterials fee of $40 is due on the first day of camp to instructor.

Ages 3 to 5 years: Brought to you by the C.A.R.E. Actor (creative awareness responsiveeducation) program, comes alive as we act out storybooks and make our own costumes andprops using a variety of art materials! In this camp, students will experience how the theater arts and fine arts go hand in hand while discussing topics such as respect,kindness, and peace through storybooks. This class will have a final presentation on the last day of camp. Come join us this summer! A material fee of $20 covers the cost of art materials.

Ages 3-5: This Coach Doug program combines the creative and age appropriate activities of Challenger Space & Rocketry with the non-competitive Sports/Fitness activities of Wee Wanna Be. Organized 'Learning Stations' feature fun-in-learning, hands-on activities based on the space theme. Sports are presented in a kid friendly environment where children can learn at their own pace. Preschoolers love discovering just what they canaccomplish in this multi-action program! $10 material fee due for full day $5 material fee for half day to instructor on first day. There is no before care or after care optionfor this Full Day camp.

Ages 4-6:Young players are introduced to game basics through fundamental activities, games and fun soccer challenges. 45 minutes a day for five days. Parents are encouragedto join in and help guide their child through this fun learning experience. The emphasiswill be on a fun learning environment with lots of games and stories to keep the childrenengaged in the days activities. All players will receive a t-shirt, soccer ball and anend of camp evaluation. A fantastic light hearted introduction to soccer, an opportunity not too be missed!

2-3 year old Cubs Program: Program uses soccer as the medium for children to developtheir balance, agility, coordination, color recognition and numerical learning along with increasing their confidence and social skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

Ages 3-6 yrs. Adventure, Excitement and Energy is what your child will experience inthis fun, action packed week. Campers explore a new theme each day through active gamesand play, crafts and imaginative lessons. Our little campers will benefit from a small group setting, personal attention and experienced staff. Activities are designed topromote confidence and success with an emphasis on manners and kindness . Snack will be provided by Funfit staff each day. Bring a bag lunch and drink each day. Note: $20 materials fee payable to instructor on first day of camp. Participants must be toilet trained and age 3 at start of camp. Parent Participation not required.

Ages 3-6: (Children through 1st grade) Little Scientist Camp, Bring your child to this exciting and hands on science and art camp! Based on our child centered sciencecurriculum, we will explore several science experiments. Then, quality children's literature will guide us into producing a tactile work of art. Outdoor play is includedin each camp day. Bring a snack and drink daily. Log on to for more information. $10 Materials Fee due on first day of camp to instructor. Please complete and bring all camp paperwork with you on the first day of camp.


Ages 3-5: Based on the successful Mini Music Makers, here is an opportunity to extendtheir musical exposure in a fun atmosphere. It is perfect for families with siblings!Explore musical aspects and concepts in this enjoyable mini school using percussion andmelodic instruments. It includes an exciting curriculum utilizing traditional and composed songs, rhythm, motor coordination, steady beat, singing, ear training, movement and exposure to folk dances. $20 material fee due to instructor.

Ages 3-5. All Aboard! Grab your passports, explorer hat,sunscreen and shades as wejourney the Amazon Rainforest! They'll be jungles, tropical birds, swinging monkeys, andfun to explore! We'll incorporate learning and excitement as we explore the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest via music, games, plenty of art, imagination, stories and tremendous fun. At the end of our journey we'll create and present our own books to share. $20 materials fee is due on the first day of camp.

Ages 3-6 Hold Tight as we blast off with the speed of sound into our Musical Space Galaxy! Our journey will orbit around the different 'Music Galaxies' of rhythm, song,dance and families of instruments. Each day we will launch into a new mission oflearning the different musical stars from the past, like Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. Wewill beam with motor coordination, steady beats, ear training and fun! We land daily back on Earth with an art activity. PLease bring a snack and lunch each day. For moreinformation please contact:

3-5 years old: A fun introduction for younger players to a variety of differentsports including soccer, cricket, rugby and many more. This is a great way to try a new sport in a relaxed and fun environment with the Professional Sports Coaches from Challenger Sports. This session is for one hour a day for 5 days of the week.

Ages 3-5: A fun introduction to soccer utilizing maximum activity and participation and highly stimulating fantasy games. The focus is creating a fun learning environment in which children develop basic ball manipulation skills, using their feet. Instruction is provided by professional British coaches and teachers. All participants receive a U.K.Elite t shirt and a certificate of attendance.

Ages 2-3 U.K. Petite classes for 2-3 year olds offers young children an introductionto playing fun games with one of their parents that revolve around a soccer ball! Our parent and child classes will have a fun curriculum that utilizes soccer as a medium for developing general motor skills, foot eye coordination and socialization. Parent participation is required.

Ages 3-5 Preschool children will explore the world of Laura Numeroff in this 5 day workshop full of art and reading. Each day we will read a different Laura Numeroff book.Afterward we will draw a Young Rembrandts lesson which incorporates one aspect of thebook we just enjoyed reading together. Our creativity and imagination will play together as we create wonderful drawings. All supplies are included!