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Specialty Camps
Specialty Camps
Turn on your child’s creativity! Camps feature themed sessions of fun filled creative andenergized activities that inspire the imagination and spark the enthusiasm of campers! Dailyschedules mix games, crafts, drama, music, and special events that are made even more fun bylinking play with playful themes.


Specialty Camps

Our Specialty Camps classes are listed below. Want to browse all of our Summer Camps? Want to search by location, keyword, or day of the week! Ready to register? Browse, search and register for classes on RecWeb!


Ages 8-11 Be a part of the musical theatre world in a camp complete with choreography, acting and singing! This isfull-scale Junior Broadway musical production with costumes and props at a 200 seat Main Stage Auditorium! Every child receives a role in the production. Parents will have a rare opportunity to view their child's personal theatrical journey come to fruition onstage on August 21st- a success achieved through daily rehearsals including choreography, singing and acting instruction, with support by our educational & technical staff, set & costume designers. We are proud to employ qualified Teachers and Staff who have: Helen Hayes Awards in acting/directing; Graduate Degrees from Prestigious Theatre Education programs , and tremendous enthusiasm and passion for educating young people in the magic and art that is musical theatre.

Ages 5 - 12: Children registered for the Challenger Space Rocketry and Kids, Keys 'n Sports at Cabin John MS are eligible to register for the extended day program offered morning and afternoon.

Grades 5 -12: A Couch Doug camp that combines sports, space science and astronomy with a focus on teambuilding and you get - Challenger! Experience the importance of cooperative effort in scientific endeavors , in everyday life, and on the sports field. A new space science activity is offered each week , so it never gets boring. Every camper has a chance to build and launch a model rocket. $10 material fee due to instructor on the first day.AM/PM Extended camps are offered. Please go online and print the Health Forms and bring it to the first day of camp. Click to download Camps Forms.

Ages 5 -12: Intermediate/Advanced. The emphasis is on developing advanced skills and strategies. Players will advance skills necessary to partipate competively in chess tournaments. Campers will participate within their peer group to sharpen their skills. Please bring a beverage and snack. There will be scheduled breaks but kids will need to be able to sit quietly during chess game play. Arkadiy Frenkel is a national chess master and full time chess coach.

Ages 5 -12: This is the perfect camp for players with basic understanding of chess to begin to expand thier skills and learn strategies and rules to play effectively. Please bring a beverage and snack. There are scheduled breaks but campers will need to sit and focus during chess play. Arkadiy Frenkel is a national chess master and full time chess coach.

Ages 5 - 12: Children registered for Endless Summer, are eligible to register for an extended day program for an additional fee. The extended program provides supervised informal recreational activities for participants before and after Endless Summer. Half day participants are eligible for AM sessions only .

Ages 5 - 12 full day: Ages 3 - 5 Half Day option also available. Here's an exciting opportunity to enjoy age appropriate sports, games, arts & crafts and more in this supercharged environment. The Club will feature organized activities as well as time for participants to engage in activities based on their own interests. Sports include soccer, basketball, hockey and others. In addition, there will be games and non-competitive activities designed for everyone's enjoyment. Special events and surprises will heighten the fun. It's is a great way to wind down at the end of summer, making it an endless summer for all! Bring a bag lunch daily. For more information, call 301-983-2690. Please go online and print Health Forms and bring the first day of camp. A $10 materials fee is due to instructor on first day of camp, $5.00 for half day participants. Extended Day options available. Please go online and print the Health Forms and bring it to the first day of camp. Click to download Camps Forms.

Ages 6 to 11 years: Brought to you by the C.A.R.E. Actor (creative awareness responsive education) program, is loaded with tons of fun as we learn about theater in combination with the fine arts of drawing, painting and coloring! These young artists combine their theatrical and artistic know how in activities such as storytelling, character development, set design and costume design while learning about age appropriate social issues and character education topics . This class will culminate with a final performance on the last day of camp. Come join us this summer! A $15 material fee covers the cost of all writing and art materials!

Ages 5-8: Slime, eruption and gravity, oh my! In this hands-on camp campers will learn about the amazing science they can do with basic household materials. Each day will include science experiments, crafts, games and outdoor exploration. Campers swim twice a week and go on a field trip during the first three sessions. Each camper must bring a bag lunch. Onsite morning and afternoon extended care is available for an additional fee. Camps will not meet on Friday, July 3rd.

Ages 8-12 Campers will use Multimedia Fusion 2 to create their own video game. Whether students wish to fire marshmallows or missiles, they build a complete video game from start to finish. They program characters to survive a wave of enemy attacks in order to reach the next level. At the end of the class, students take home a copy of the game they create.

Ages 5-12 Campers will learn essential etiquette rules and norms like appropriate greetings, table manners, good sportsmanship, phone etiquette, thank you cards, and more! These skills will culminate in an end-of-the-week party where students will practice the etiquette rules they learned all week. Please bring a light snack, or a lunch if your child is enrolled in camps all day. A $15 material fee will be collected on the first day of camp.

Ages 8-15 years: Children will ride twice a day 4 times per week, swim every day, and do various unmounted horse activities including leading horses, unsaddling, grooming, bathing, cleaning tack, plus general barn responsibilities. There is no riding on Thursdays (horse's much deserved day off - try running around in 90+ degree weather with a fur coat on!), but the kids will have unmounted horse activities such as those listed above and have the opportunity to play 'Camp Game,' a traditional favorite. Long pants, smooth, hard soled shoes, bathing suit, towel, and lunch are needed every day. All camp forms must be completed and received by Camp Olympia before camper can attend this program. Campers must be on time as they depart with their groups right at 9:30 am.

Ages 8 -14: Children will swim twice daily, horseback ride 4 times per week, play soccer, basketball, track and field, gymnastics, plus more in this exciting instructional program. Schedule changes daily. children must have long pants, smooth hard soled shoes or boots for riding, bathing suit, towel, shorts, and tennis shoes are appropriate for all other activities. Campers need to bring bag lunch each day. All camp forms must be completed and received by Camp Olympia before camper can attend this program. Campers must be on time as they depart with their groups right at 9:30 am.

Ages 8-14 Campers learn kid-friendly messages about nutrition, physical activity, and good health that are simple, interactive and fun. Campers engage hands-on cooking/food and fitness activities and prepare delicious recipes from all food groups (grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat) to develop a healthy lifestyle of eating and exercise. A $25 material fee will be collected on the first day of camp.

Ages 8-12: Wow! A Coach Doug camp that exercises your child's body as well as his/her mind! The program alternates self-paced and entertaining computer keyboarding practice with instruction in your child's favorite sports. Sports vary daily and weekly and may include soccer, hockey, basketball, lacrosse and more. Kids improve skills in a non-competitive environment that stresses teamwork, skill enhancement and cooperation. It's a winner for everyone! $10 material fee due to instructor on first day. No bus transportation. AM/ PM extended camps offered.

Ages 7-12 -Power-up your engineering skills with Play-Well TEKnologies and over 100,000 pieces of LEGO! Kids apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through projects designed by engineers. Instructors provide inspiration for students to take their creations further, and each day's projects are geared uniquely to challenge each student's abilities. We will explore motorized, mechanized, and architectural projects in a fun way.

Ages 5-6: Let your imagination run wild with over 100,000 pieces of LEGO! In this fun-filled, creative class, kids learn building techniques that help make their ideas a reality with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor. Instructors demonstrate new projects daily, and provide inspiration for students to take their creations further. Each course is geared uniquely to the kids but will include motorized, architectural, and fanciful projects

Ages 7-12 Campers design and program robots to compete in simulated Olympic events such as a sprinting in a race, throwing a basketball, and shooting a puck into a hockey goal. Students use LEGO? Robotics and computers to learn principles of robotics, computer programming, and teamwork.

Ages 5-12 Campers will spend the week making delicious desserts and mouth-watering main courses. Through daily hands-on cooking, campers will learn creative ways to cook some of their favorite dishes. Campers will learn how to make healthy cooking choices, read food labels, write recipes, measure cooking ingredients, determine proper portion sizes, and more! Please bring a light snack, or a lunch if your child is enrolled in camps all day. A $20 material fee will be collected on the first day of camp.

Ages6-12 Creative Contraption Warning! This is a camp designed by you-the Inventor! Each day you'll be given a series of challenges which must be overcome using basic materials, simple machines, tips from world famous inventors and the most important thing of all - your mind. With a little bit of ingenuity you'll construct catapults and forts and then lay siege, fabricate a winning Egg Drop design, construct a dancing robot and assemble a working light saber to take home. While Thomas Edison said invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, this camp is 100% fun!

Ages6-12 This action-packed week will focus solely on rockets and the physics of rocket flight. After learning the model rocket safety code, campers will build a number of different rockets and participate in the launching , mission control, propulsion and finally recovery of the rockets they build. Campers will be divided into three groups: altitude trackers, launch preparation, and launchers. Every camper will have an opportunity to try all three.

Ages6-12 Mad Science invites you to decipher the world around you. As young astronauts, we will explore the mysteries of the solar system. How do astronauts live and work in space? The sun, moon and the stars are only a few of the things that must be dealt with on this Mad Science space mission! Use Morse code to send secret messages to your friends. We'll learn the basics about water pollution, acid rain and the benefits of solar energy. By recycling your own garbage you will get to make your very own paper to take home! What do football players, scientists and ballet dancers have in common?

Ages 6-12 Suspects! Schematics! Sleuths! Connect the dots using science to help solve a crime in this hands on investigation of the science of sleuthing. Uncover the science involved in evidence gathering and analysis and fingerprinting detection. Enhance your recall and observation skills and learn how to use spy equipment.

Ages 5-12 Money Matters Camp teaches campers the importance of budgeting, saving, and practical spending using fun and engaging finance games. Campers will also participate in a weeklong business project where students will be responsible for creating their own Ice Cream Shop business model. Money Matters Camp is a fun and interesting way for children to learn financial responsibility. Please bring a light snack, or a lunch if your child is enrolled in camps all day. A $15 material fee will be collected on the first day of camp.

Ages 8 to 11 years: Children learn how to do puppetry, magic, balloon sculpture, face painting, object balancing, juggling, skit comedy, and much more! They learn and play carnival themed games, and put on a performance for parents at the end of the session, demonstrating a variety of Vaudevillian skills . All supplies included in the cost.

Ages 5 to 7: Have fun and experience a carnival atmosphere. Campers learn to speak though a puppet, play a carnival game, juggle handkerchiefs, paint your face to look like a tiger, or even learn a magic trick! All these things happen at Junior Carnival. So bring your happy face and get ready to have fun! All supplies included in the cost.

Ages 8-12 years:This program focuses primarily on perfecting the Performance Art of Magic . Students train in a variety of forms of magic, sleight of hand, mentalism, apparatus, coin, card, wand and handkerchief magic, learning the basics of what it means to be a magician. A variety of magical games, craft projects and activities accompany serious magic instruction. A performance follows at the end of the week, where students perform an effect they have mastered in a close-up setting for invited guests.

Ages 5-7 years:This program is a less intensive magic camp for younger children who are just becoming wizards! They learn magic tricks as well as puppetry and magic-themed craft projects. This course aims at develop art appreciation skills, overcome stage fright, and builds kinesthetic skills with magic props. Campers will develop their imagination and confidence while learning magical effects .

Ages 8-12: Join a different adventure every day in this fun , action packed camp. Daily activities in and around the Montgomery County area may include swimming, water parks, roller-skating, bowling and more! In addition campers will participate in traditional camp activities like games, crafts and sports. Without a doubt, this is a crowd-pleasing camp for action-oriented campers! Each child must bring a bag lunch. Camps will not meet on Friday, July 3th. Morning and afternoon extended camp are available onsite for an additional fee.

Ages 6-13 The Red Sprinkle Fashion Beauty Course is the first step to a gorgeous future! Discover skincare, makeup, and beauty trends, in a fun environment, and receive hands-on training to adopt your own beauty regimen. Your exciting week will focus on: Runway Hair, Perfect Skincare, Runway Makeup, A material fee of $25 is due to the instructor on the first day of camp. .

Ages 6-13 Consider the Fashion Style Course as the first 'stitch' in your very stylish future! Discover the secrets of top stars, by learning the most popular fashion styling, fashion design, and runway trends. With classes that focus on hands-on training, in a fun environment, you can gain all the tools needed to become the next fashion star! Your exciting week will focus on Fashion Styling, Fashion Design, and Runway Training. The week will end with a fashion show, that your friends and family can enjoy! A material fee of $25 is due to the instructor on the first day of camp.

Age8-12 During the Robotics 101 program, students will learn the basics of designing, programming, and controlling a fully functional robot. Using LEGO MINDSTORMS, mathematical concepts, and engineering principles students will brainstorm, plan, test, and modify sequences of instructions to accomplish a given task. Students will also learn the sequence of communication between the robot, and the programmer by collecting and analyzing data using the robot's sensors.

Ages 5-12: Spend a week playing and learning about chess from highly rated professional instructors at Silver Knights Chess! We teach chess to more than 10,000 children each year throughout the Washington , DC Area. Campers are divided into groups by skill level, from beginner through highly rated tournament players. Every camper receives a t-shirt, a Gold membership to, and choice of a tournament-style chess set or a free tournament coupon. Activities include learning openings, tactics and endgames; studying master games; playing games against fellow students and analyzing students' games, along with some fresh air breaks. Bring a nut-free snack (half-day campers) or lunch (full-day campers) and beverage. Materials fee of $40 payable to Silver Knights Chess is due on the first day. See for more information.

Ages 11-15 years: Brought to you by the C.A.R.E. Actor (creative awareness responsive education) program, is a unique combination of theater and fine arts bound to keep you up on your feet and down on the ground with fun and laughter! Teens will learn improvisational theater techniques , engage in art projects, and write their own dramatic sketches. Throughout the week, students will become their own producers and directors combining their theatrical and artistic know how in writing an original play, designing sets, and creating costumes while learning about a social issue. At the end of the week, students will use this social issue as a backbone for their final presentation. Come join us this summer! A $15 material fee covers all cost of writing and art materials.