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sport camps
Sport Camps
Camps are designed for children who enjoy enthusiastic and athletic play! Campers are encouraged to learn skills, teamwork, and good sportsmanship while playing fun games, skill activities, and recreational sports. Activities may include soccer, basketball, gym hockey, T-ball, softball, games, special events, and contests. Some non-sports activities may round out the day. There is no transportation. Campers must bring their lunch. Camps will not meet on July 4.
Sports Camps

Ages 9-13: Enjoy a weekly themed, action packed camp that includes traditional and non-traditional sports! Campers will learn the origins, practice the fundamentals and play a new sport each week. Weekly themes will include Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball and others. Activities may include weekly guest speakers, demonstrations and visits to College, Minor League, Semi-Professional or Professional sports complexes to get a big picture view of popular sports. Campers will exercise their mind by applying the skills learned through drills, modified games and activities that reinforce what they've learned. Positive reinforcement, sportsmanship, team work and fun will be emphasized through game play. Athletes of all skill levels are welcome. Campers swim at a MCR pool once per week and have a field trip during the first 3 sessions. Each child must bring a bag lunch and come dressed in athletic clothing and sneakers. Onsite morning and afternoon extended camp is available for an additional fee. Camps will not meet on Friday, July 4th.

Ages 8-12: Swoop, bang, swish! These sounds and more will fill the air in this fun, sports-themed camp. Campers will build their knowledge and skills of a variety of sports including basketball, gym hockey, soccer, flag football and more. This camp is sure to keep campers on the move as they learn about teamwork, competition, sportsmanship and having fun. Athletes of all skills levels are welcome. Campers swim at a MCR pool twice per week and have a field trip during the first 3 sessions. Each child must bring a bag lunch. Onsite morning and afternoon extended care is available for an additional fee. Camps will not meet on Friday, July 4th.

Ages 7-11: Here is a program that highlights the spirit of teamwork and friendly competition. Choreographed routines to contemporary music enhance poise and develop confidence. Beginner through advanced levels practice basic twirls, marching routines, and dance twirls. Teachers are registered with the National Baton Twirling Association. A $30 material fee is payable to instructor on first day to cover T-shirt, poms, and swimming pool time. Batons may be either borrowed or purchased from the instructor. rectmpl.asp?url=/content/rec/ resources/forms.asp' target='_blank'> Click to download Camps Forms. Questions call Juli at: 240-422-6789 (cell), or email at:

8-16 years old: The TetraBrazil Academy provides players with authentic Brazilian coaching right in their own community. The TetraBrazil curriculum has been designed by our professional coaches to provide players with the same expert level of training received by professional clubs in Brazil. The Brazilian style is evident from the first minute of the first day during the warm up which was all about rhythm and coordination. Skill training is still a primary element, but it is combined with a heavy emphasis on tactical understanding. Fun, mastery of advanced skills and game tactics are given special attention. Half day and Full day options.

Ages 6-16 Player Development Program - Half Day and Full Day This program, coached by a specialized British Soccer instructor, provides technical and tactical instruction, placing emphasis on skill development, fundamental tactical awareness, and FUN for campers ages 6-16. The morning emphasis is placed upon individual skill development, fundamental tactics, goal scoring and coached scrimmages. Individuals in the full day program will then have a one hour lunch break, followed by coaches scrimmages, competitions and British Street soccer games. Bring cleats and water bottle daily. Camp includes a soccer ball, t-shirt, player evaluation, and gift. Participants are broken

Ages 5-12 This camp is designed for young children who are interested in developing cheer skills. They will learn exciting routines, while honing important basic skills necessary to be an expert cheerleader! Campers will have fun learning cheers, dances, and routines set to upbeat contemporary music. Please bring a light snack, or a lunch if your child is enrolled in camps all day. Although there will be limited equipment available, it is recommended that each camper brings their own water bottle and wears appropriate footwear and comfortable clothing. A $15 material fee will be collected on the first day.

Ages 7-16 The Fencing School is geared to students who have a strong comittment to physical fitness and skill building with an instructor who is a former Olympian, who requires discipline form the participants.. Introduction to fencing. This two-week program will emphasize agility, coordination, and basic foil techniques. $30 material fee payable to the instructor at the first class. Equipment provided: foil, mask and jacket.

Ages 8/14 Campers at GFHC will learn fundamental stick work skills, offensive skills, and defensive skills through drills and games. Special emphasis will be placed on increasing each camper's grasp on game rules, concepts, and team strategies of the sport. The camp strives to develop in each camper the qualities needed to become an all-around, excellent field hockey player with solid offensive and defensive skills. The camp sessions are structured to allow players to progress at their own pace with players of similar age and ability. Please bring a light snack, or a lunch if your child is enrolled in camps all day. Although there will be limited equipment available, it is recommended that each camper brings their own field hockey stick, shin guards, mouth guard, goggles (if desired), and water bottle. A $15 material fee will be collected on the first day.

Ages 6-12: Come and diversified and intensive Tang Soo Do style Korean karate and jujitsu instruction for all ability levels. It includes basic motion, kata, one-step sparring, falling, take downs, throwing, exam preparation, and more. Students are grouped by belt level and age where appropriate. An optional exam will be offered for an additional $35, payable to TKA.

Ages 13-17 TThis clinic will help good lacrosse players become better. The clinic is designed to give boys & girls the opportunity to develop the fitness and athleticism necessary to play lacrosse at a highly competitive level. Participants will take part in drills that will focus on skills such as dodging, shooting, passing, catching, man-defense, help defense, communication, as well as, participate in variety of agility, speed, and power drills.

Ages 8-14 Campers will learn or improve basic skills like throwing, catching, cradling, shooting, and defending. They will gain knowledge in both offensive and defensive strategies, team tactics, and field vision. Campers will build confidence in their individual abilities, learn the importance of a positive attitude, and leave camp with a better understanding of the game of lacrosse. Please bring a light snack, or a lunch if your child is enrolled in camps all day. Although there will be limited equipment available, it is recommended that each camper brings their own lacrosse stick, mouth guard, goggles, and water bottle. A $15 material fee will be collected on the first day.

Ages 10-13 This clinic is geared towards boys & girls looking to better understand the strategies which are essential to successfully playing lacrosse. Participants take part in drills and fun games to review fundamental lacrosse skills and build essential offensive and defensive strategies. After this clinic participants will better understand the concepts of clears, fast breaks, motion offense, zone defense, man defense, as well as, the roles each position plays in both offensive and defensive situations. It's highly recommended that those who sign-up for this clinic have had at least one season of organized lacrosse experience. Lacrosse Stick required (Rentals available)

Ages 6-10 Boys & Girls establish fundamental lacrosse skills in a fun non-competitive environment. This clinic is a perfect choice for those playing lacrosse for the first time, or who have had limited experience playing lacrosse. Participants will take part in a variety of fun and non-competitive lacrosse drills and games to practice the skills of catching, throwing, and picking-up ground balls. Lacrosse Stick (Rentals available)

Ages 6-17: Join us for an exciting sports experience where fun and learning never stop. Every camper will receive a T-shirt, evaluation report and workout program to continue after the camp. Campers will be put on teams according to their age and skill level. Games will be played daily. Skills emphasized: shooting, ball handling, 1 on 1 moves, post moves, using and setting screens, pick and roll play, and team concepts. Campers should provide their own nonperishable lunch and drinks.

Ages 5-8: Wanted: Active kids who love sports! Here is a camp that introduces campers to all the best sports such as T-ball, flag football, basketball, soccer, gym hockey and many more. Campers not only learn the rules and skills behind individual sports but will also gain an understanding on the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. When we are ready for a break from running around we will relax with crafts, games and other hands-on activities. Campers swim at a MCRD pool twice per week and have a field trip during the first three sessions. Each child must bring a bag lunch. Extended Camp is available at Kingview MS. Camps will not meet on Thursday, July 4.

Ages9-16: Clinics are directed by enthusiastic and experienced coaches, and boys and girls of all ability levels are welcome. Each weekly clinic will highlight a new skill or fundamental technique along with continued development of all other skills and techniques through fun drills and instruction. Includes instruction in ball handling, fast break situations, passing, shooting, dribbling, rebounding, individual moves and fun skill enhancing drills. Participants should wear non-marking sneakers or tennis

Ages6-12: This camp will be a mix of drills, contests, and games. Sports will include basketball, soccer, kickball, funball, capture the flag, and more. We love to include games that the campers want to play so come with some ideas as well. All campers will receive a camp t-shirt, and the chance to win great prizes.

Ages 7-14 years: Full Day Soccer Camp. These camps are action packed. Players must bring a lunch and drinks. Sun shade / shelter is provided. Camp days are designed to promote learning of techniques and skills focusing on the younger-aged individual players. A typical day will include mass games, structured practices, scrimmages, and our World Cup Tournament to end each day. Our professional coaches will ensure players have a memorable experience AND improve their skills. U.K. Elite Soccer Schools are designed to take players 7 - 14 to the next level of skill. Progressing from our Soccer Camp curriculum, our Schools prepare individual players for more advanced technical skills and an understanding of individual and group tactics. Our dynamic coaching methods, taken from around the world, will ensure every player makes significant improvements during the week. Participants are divided by age and skill level. Participants are seperated by age.

Ages 5-14:Half Day Camp. Welcome to a fun environment which stimulates learning, developing, practicing and polishing soccer skills. UK Elite Soccer's international STEPS2Success' curriculum provides children with age specific training based on the use of maximum activity and highly stimulating practices and games. Each day begins with the move of the day and ends with a mini-World Cup tournament! The focus is creating a fun learning environment in which children learn and improve their skills. Instruction is provided by professional British coaches and teachers. All participants receive a t shirt and an evaluation by a trainer. Participants are divided by ages for participation.

8-14yrs old: UK Elite Soccer Travel Player Schools are designed to provide true travel soccer players with an environment within which they can be pushed beyond their comfort zone technically, tactically and functionally. Players will improve their ability to perform at higher speeds of play. The Curricula is based on `best practices from international player development programs, including technical stations, and 3v3 / 4v4 small-sided conditioned and unconditioned scrimmages. Players are split into 8-10yrs group, 11-14yrs.

Ages 13-18 Pre-Season High School Training with UK Elite Soccer High School player training with UK Elite Soccer Professional British Coaching Staff will best prepare your child for their High School Tryouts. The Professional coaches will develop your child with advanced technical skills, tactical understanding and PACE activities (Power, Acceleration, Co-ordination and Explosiveness) so that they can be both physically and mentally ready for their High School Soccer Season. Open to all upcoming Freshmen through Seniors.

Ages 9-14: Geared to all ability levels, here is a fun and competitive program for middle school students to learn the skills and strategies of the game from experienced coaches. This clinic enhances individual skills, prepares players for high school competition, and develops a greater enjoyment of this lifetime sport. The Northwest location is for ages 9-11, and the Wisconsin Place location is for ages 12-14.