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Fun… is the primary reason young children play sports. We focus on skills development and enjoyment of the game.
Inclusivity... there are no try-outs. We do our best to ensure every child receives equal playing time. Safety… is paramount. We perform a background check on every coach involved in our program.
Good Sportsmanship... learning to play the game is only half the equation. The value of teamwork, fair play and good sportsmanship goes far beyond the game.
Everyone is a Winner… and every child will be encouraged and given the opportunity to make the most of their abilities.

Instructional T-Ball Information
Know as the entry sport to baseball and softball for young players, T-ball is based on a simple-teaching principle: kids learn and develop skills faster when they are having fun. In T-ball the pitcher is used for defensive purposes only. The ball is placed on an adjustable tee atop the home plate at a suitable height for the batter to hit from. Hitting off the tee eliminates the fear of getting hit by a pitched ball, and helps to develop hand-eye coordination.

Our co-ed instructional program is offered only in the Spring. It’s designed to teach the fundamental skills of T-ball; learning to hit, running bases and catching. Having fun and learning new skills make our T-Ball program the perfect fit for your Kindergartner and 1st Grader!