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Trips and Tours
trips and tours registration
Trips and Tours Registration
The instructions are fairly basic: If you do not fill out the registration form and mail it to us or drop it off at our office, or you do not sign up for an activity through our online registration and hit the submit button, you cannot participate, you cannot Pass Go, and you cannot collect $200. Sorry, we don't make the rules. Mr. Monopoly does.
Registration Information

Please read the registration directions carefully.

For our new participants, welcome! We hope you find these procedures easy to understand and follow. Please be aware however, that incomplete or inaccurate registration information may delay the processing of your application, or in some cases, require us to return your application unprocessed. So, please, fill out all of the information as accurately and as legibly as possible!

You may register for Trips and Tours in any of four ways.

  1. The fastest and easiest way to register is online. Browse our programs and register on ActiveMONTGOMERY! NOTE: you must have an accout to register online.;
  2. You may also mail in your application;
  3. Fax it to 240-777-6818;
  4. Or walk your registration by our registration office located at 4010 Randolph Rd., Silver Spring, Md., 20902

All registrations that are mailed must be sent to the following address.
MCR- Attn: Registrar, 4010 Randolph Rd., Silver Spring, Md., 20902.
If faxed or mailed registration forms are received prior to the first day of registration, they will be held in a secure location and processed as first day mail, regardless of when received. While mailed and faxed applications will be processed as quickly as possible, walk-ins will be processed as they arrive. Full payment is required with your registration. Non-county residents must pay an additional $15 per person per trip.

On many of our more popular trips, you may see more than one date listed. You may sign up for the date you desire; however, if there are not enough registrations to meet our minimum requirements, you may be called and asked to switch to another date, or placed on a waiting list. You will have the option to decline and have a credit placed in your Recreation account, or request a refund.

You must provide all of the information requested on the registration form. You may not list "guest" as your traveling companion. If you are traveling with one or more friends, please submit a separate application form for each of them. (spouses can use one form). You should put all of the application forms in the same envelope if you want to travel together. Again, partially completed applications may go unprocessed or be delayed while we request more information, and since all trips are filled on a first-come, first-paid basis, any delays may cause you to be placed on a waiting list. Please note: Only the person paying for the trip will receive a written receipt/confirmation.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please call 240-777-6840. If you have questions or require more information on a specific trip, please call the Trips & Tours office at 240-777-6870.