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Available Jobs
Each successful TeenWorks applicants is assigned to one of several teams. Each of these teams presents a unique job opportunity.
Tech Connect
Put your technology and social media skills to good use! Teach older adults the basic tools to stay connected and thrive in the digital age. Discover a sense of purpose as you work to change lives and minimize the digital divide. This job will certainly debunk the negative stereotypes about teens and technology.
Outreach Team
In this position, you'll help get the word out about Montgomery County Recreation and all it has to offer. Members of the outreach team get firsthand experience in marketing, creating social media buzz, and making connections with others. Help execute special events, brainstorm new ways to reach the community, and put yourself on the front lines of county recreation.
Assist RecZone staff with the day-to-day operations. You will help set up and clean up the RecZone space, recruit participants, assist with paperwork and administrative tasks, lead activities, organize events, and act as a role model for the RecZone students. This opportunity provides experience in leadership, communication, and teamwork. Most work hours would occur during after school time.
Special Events
Work with Special Events Coach to help plan and execute a variety of recreation events. Help with set up and clean up, keeping track of requested equipment, prepare and distribute promotional materials to the public, administer and collect surveys when necessary. Most events take place on the weekend.
Conservation Job Corps (Summer Opportunities)
Get outside and help conserve Maryland’s State Parks with the Conservation Job Corps. Through a partnership between the Department of Natural Resources and Montgomery County Youth Development, CJC provides jobs for teens working on a variety of outdoor projects. You will learn new ways to improve the environment as well as traditional skills in professionalism. This job opportunity has the added benefit of providing enrichment activities like climbing and tightrope walking.
Agency Apprenticeships
Several agencies within the recreation department provide apprenticeship opportunities. These jobs allow teens to work directly with these agencies, learning valuable skills that can be applied to a number of career paths. Teens in this position will get a better understanding of how the recreation department functions and how various agencies work together.