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Facilities Information
Clarksburg Region - Community Recreation and Aquatic Center Planning
Clarksburg Regional Center
Montgomery County is entering the early planning stages for a regional recreation facility in the north-central part of the county. The Department of Recreation thanks you for your interest and comments on plans for a new Clarksburg-area regional center featuring aquatic, community recreation and senior programs.

Additional information regarding the project and notes from the July 12 community forum can be found on the Department of General Services' website.

Montgomery County Recreation
Nancy H. Dacek North Potomac Community Recreation Center
Nancy H. Dacek North Potomac Community Center
Visit our newest facility that includes a recreation center, senior center, athletic field, playground and outdoor courts. For more information please call 240-773-4800.
13850 Travilah RoadRockville, MD 20854
Ross Boddy Neighborhood Recreation Center
Visit our completely renovated center that includes a new athletic field, court games, playground and additional parking.  For more information call 240-777-8050.
18529 Brooke Road Silver Spring, MD 20860