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State's Attorney's Office
50 Maryland Avenue, 5th Floor
Rockville, MD 20850
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Prosecution Units

The Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office is divided up into prosecution units. Each unit specializes in a type of crime or a geographic area of Montgomery County. Our employees receive specialized and ongoing training in order to assist the changing and growing needs of our community.

Our Office has adapted to meet the challenges of our community’s changing and growing needs. We were the first county in Maryland to start a full-time Gang Division. This Division, consisting of specially-trained attorneys, prosecutes all cases in which the defendant is a member of a gang. We prosecute the new crimes of the 21st century by working with police and community members to combat identity theft and crime involving technology. We have started the Internet Safety Initiative in which we prosecute those who use the internet to prey upon our children. We are also working with local schools and community groups to try to educate children and parents about internet safety.

Recognizing the diversity of our county, we became the first prosecutor’s office in the United States to implement Community Outreach. Assigning our prosecutors according to different prosecution units enables them to work more effectively with civic associations, business groups, schools, and faith-based organizations to directly fight crime at its source. Moreover, we assign a prosecutor as a liaison to every school in our county. We have also made significant strides to enhance the diversity of our Office, and to establish a Domestic Violence docket that, in addition to other types of physical abuse cases, prosecutes abuse of vulnerable and older persons, a Special Prosecutions Division that, among other things, prosecutes cases involving the financial exploitation of vulnerable adults and seniors, a Citizen Complaint Bureau, and a no-plea policy on handguns used to commit violent crimes.

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