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Special Victims Division

The Special Victims Division is responsible for the prosecution of all physical and sexual child abuse, child neglect, domestic violence, senior and vulnerable adult abuse, and child abduction cases in the county.  The Special Victims Division is located in the Family Justice Center, an all inclusive location which serves the needs of domestic violence victims in Montgomery County.

Name/ link to email Position Phone Number
Debbie Feinstein Chief 240-777-7448
Ryan Wechsler Deputy Chief 240-777-7367
Mary Herdman Deputy Chief 240-777-7360
Hannah Gleason Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7358
Timothy Hagan Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7451
Elizabeth Haynos Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7404
Rebecca Macvittie  SAO Attorney (DC) 240-777-7403
Sherri Koch Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7361
Ashley Inderfurth Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7466
Richard Weiss SAO Attorney (DC) 240-777-7325
Shawn Andrews Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7343
Christina Miles SAO Program Manager (DV) 240-777-7371
Kelly Davis SAO Program Manager (CASVA) 240-777-7316
Carla Avendano SAO Legal Assistant  240-777-7322
Dolores Briceno SAO Victim/Witness Coordinator 240-777-7444
Nicole Brito SAO Legal Assistant 240-777-7460
Hilda Ibanez SAO Victim/Witness Coordinator 240-777-7428
Beth Landau SAO Legal Assistant 240-777-7472
Virginia Mumford SAO Administrative Aide 240-777-7412
Madora Schrank  SAO DV Program Specialist 240-777-7306
Patty Alcalde SAO Administrative Aide 240-777-7381
Maria Morales SAO Administrative Aide 240-777-7462


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