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Family Violence Division: Elder and Vulnerable Adult Abuse

Non-emergency Phone Number: (240) 777-4210

Crisis Phone Number: (301) 315-4673

Other Valuable Contact Numbers To Help Prevent Elder Abuse

John McCarthy with elderly residentsState's Attorney John J. McCarthy is responsible for having the Office handle all cases of physical and sexual elder and vulnerable adult abuse and neglect systematically as part of the responsibilities of the FVD. Additionally, he is credited with developing the Elder and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Task Force for Montgomery County.

Abuse of the elderly and vulnerable adults is a widespread problem in Montgomery County. With a growing population of seniors and vulnerable adults, we can expect cases of elder abuse to increase sharply. The Montgomery County Elder and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Task Force has joined forces to: prevent elder abuse, raise public awareness about elder abuse, support legislative efforts to establish stronger and better laws, and aggressively investigate and prosecute those who commit elder abuse.

State's Attorney John McCarthy greeting two citizens (pictured right)

 What is Abuse?

Who are Among the Abused?

 What Services are Available for Abuse Victims, Family Members, or Those at Risk of Being Abused?

Who to Call?

The agencies and programs listed below are working together, and with others, to help prevent the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of the elderly and vulnerable adults.
The Abused Persons Program provides shelter, support and advocacy to victims and their families, as well as counseling for victims and offenders.

What are Some of the Possible Signs of Abuse?

Physical Signs

Financial Signs

The Following Listings Are Valuable Contact Numbers
To Help Prevent Elder Abuse:

Adult Protective Services receives and investigates reports of abuse, neglect, self-neglect and exploitation and facilitates access to services for the elderly and vulnerable adults.
(240) 777-3000

Consumer Affairs receives and investigates consumer complaints.
(240) 777-3636

Crisis Center offers 24-hour walk-in or telephone crisis counseling, access to safe shelter, and transportation for victims fleeing from abuser to shelter.
(301) 315-4000

Montgomery County Police Fraud Unit receives and investigates complaints of financial fraud and exploitation of elderly and vulnerable adults.
(240) 773-6330

Montgomery County Police Domestic Violence Unit receives and investigates complaints of physical abuse and neglect of elderly and vulnerable adults by family members.
(240) 773-5050

Montgomery County Police Victim/Witness Assistance Program provides support, information and referral to crime victims and witnesses, and assists in facilitating access to services.
(301) 840-2666

Long Term Care Ombudsman Program receives and investigates complaints of adults residing in licensed facilities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
(240) 777-3369

Sheriff's Office serves protective orders; specialized unit for domestic, familial complaints, and safety planning techniques.
(240) 777-7000

State's Attorney's Office handles criminal prosecutions of physical elder and vulnerable adult abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation.
(240) 777-7300