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Information on Scam Phone Calls


Click Here for Press Release

Please see the Press Release regarding scam phone calls that have been received by residents of the DC Metro Area.  Currently, a subject is attempting to scam residents out of money under several false names. The first subject is using the name of "Sgt. Jackson" and he has been calling from a phone number of 301-310-1203. The second subject is using the name of of Sgt. James Wheeler and he has been calling from 240-979-6686 DO NOT CALL THESE NUMBERS. "Wheeler" has been asking victims to call him back at 1-855-286-6662, Do not call this number either.

The Wheeler subject has also been "spoofing" the Montgomery County Circuit Court Phone number (240-777-9400) Spoofing allows a caller to make an incoming call appear to be originating from a different phone number.

Remember, Law Enforcement will NEVER ask you for money, pre-paid cards or financial information over the phone. If you believe that you have received a scam call, and have further questions, contact Deputy Johnson at (240) 777-7041. If you have lost money to these scammers, please contact the Montgomery County Department of Police at 301-279-8000



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