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Montgomery Serves Awards 2017

Montgomery Serves Awards Honorees 2017

2017 Honorees 


These awards honor some of our County’s most outstanding community leaders and dedicated volunteers. “Montgomery County is the very special place it is today in large part because many extraordinary public citizens work every day to make it special,” Leggett said in encouraging residents to submit award nominations of individuals, businesses, and community groups.

Thank you to Fund for Montgomery sponsors for making this event possible!

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Thank you to Marleen Van den Neste for her wonderful photography!



County Executive Ike Leggett has established the Roscoe R. Nix Distinguished Community Leadership Award to honor the legacy of leadership of former School Board Member and NAACP Branch President Roscoe Nix. The award, the County’s equivalent of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, is presented by the County Executive each year to honor an individual or individuals who over the course of their distinguished lives of community service have made extraordinary contributions to the quality of our community at the very highest levels of excellence. To see more about Roscoe Nix and previous winners of the Nix Award  click here.
Photo of Mark Bergel         MARK BERGEL 
A Wider Circle Founder  Mark Bergel is a champion for those of our neighbors most in need, working night and day seven days each week to rid our region of the scourge of poverty and provide respect and dignity for all. A Wider Circle has served 180,000 children and adults with basic need items, workforce readiness,
and long-term wraparound support. SEE VIDEO
        SOL GRAHAM
Sol Graham
, the founder of Quality Biological Inc., has blazed a path for minority business leaders and served as a role model who gives back to the community by supporting the development of our youth through mentoring and scholarships. Sol and his wife Dorothy have established scholarships at Montgomery College to assist students studying business, science, and technology.  SEE VIDEO
photo of Vivian Hsueh         VIVIEN HSUEH
As the founder of the Chinese American Senior Services Association,  Vivien Hsueh has worked to combat isolation among immigrant Chinese seniors by providing them with a social environment where they can socialize and volunteer, where they can learn and get informed, and where they can stay healthy by exercising
and eating nutritious meals. SEE VIDEO


In partnership with the Montgomery County Commission on Aging and  The Beacon Newspapers 
The Neal Potter Path of Achievement Awards will honor two recipients 60 years of age or better whose accomplishments and lifelong commitment to volunteer service make them outstanding roles models for young and old alike. The name of the award honors former County Executive Neal Potter.
Click here for a bio of Neal Potter. Click here to see  previous winners of the Neal Potter Path of Achievement Award
photo of Miriam Kelty           MIRIAM KELTY
A notable psychologist and a researcher,  Miriam Kelty has given a lifetime of service to the advancement of healthy aging, ethics in science, and the advancement of sciences.  A dedicated life-long mentor of young scientists, especially women and minorities, Miriam has made a lasting mark by directing, coaching, and encouraging the next generation of science and research leaders. In the field of aging, she has served on Montgomery County’s Commission on Aging and chaired the Aging in Place Committee advocating on behalf of older adults and senior communities.  She also co-founded Bannockburn Neighbors Assisting Neighbors and is the co-founder and the president of Washington Area Village Exchange.  SEE VIDEO
photo of Marilyn Simonds          
Marilyn Simonds
, director of Olney Help for more than 14 years and actively involved with the organization for nearly 30 years, currently serves as the organization’s ex-officio board member.  Among her many achievements at Olney Help, she spearheaded the development of the organization’s food pantry.  At 90 years young, proving age is not a hindrance, she is also a long-term volunteer for the Medstar Montgomery Medical Center Gift Shop and frequently serves at Manna Food Center, Suburban Hospital, and the Women's Association of Oakdale Emory Church. SEE VIDEO


These awards recognize those who have given extraordinary volunteerism during 2016. The award is given in four categories -- individual community service, youth service (ages 18 and under), group service and corporate volunteerism.
Click here to see  previous winners of the Montgomery Serves Awards.
photo of Jeremy Lichtenstein           JEREMY LICHTENSTEIN (Individual award)
A lifelong Montgomery County resident,  Jeremy Lichtenstein has served many local children’s charities and initiatives. In 2012, he established Kids In Need Distributors (KIND), delivering food items to needy children to sustain them on days when they were not in school. Last year, he volunteered more 1,000 hours of his time toward KIND, enabling the organization to deliver more than 110,000 meals, including 4,500 meals over the summer.
photo of Anjali Kalra          
ANJALI KALRA (youth award)
Anjali Kalra, a junior at Poolesville High School, worked tirelessly to uplift those in the community who need it the most by creating a summer camp for the children at the Stepping Stones Shelter. Logging in more than 80 volunteer hours the summer of 2016, Anjali has left a legacy that will benefit the shelter and improve the quality of life of those who live there for years to come.
photo of Court Watch Volunteers          
In 2016,  Court Watch Montgomery Volunteers dedicated more than 8,600 hours capturing detailed information about domestic violence cases and monitoring close to 1,000 domestic violence cases in Montgomery County. By providing a “public eye” on domestic violence, these volunteers helped improve the services and protection that victims receive in court so abuse can be stopped immediately and effectively.
Deloitte logo          
DELOITTE (business award)
Deloitte, the second largest professional services firm in the world, has a community-minded heart. In 2016, employees in its local office contributed more than 250 hours serving Youth Links Mentoring, a program of YMCA-Youth & Family Services. This cadre of Deloitte employees mentors at-risk boys referred to the program by Montgomery County Child Welfare Services, Department of Juvenile Services, and other emotional disabilities programs, providing friendship, affection, and patience to children who may have seen little of these qualities in the past.