ABS Quarterly Lottery for Montgomery County Licensees - Rules

  • The lottery opens September 20th at noon, and runs until Sept 26th at 11:59PM.  Only entries submitted between these times will be considered.
  • Please click on the form below to enter, you will be assigned an entry ID upon completion. Although an email is sent as a confirmation, we cannot guarantee receipt so please make note of your entry ID. ABS will not resend the email.
  • Winners Posted Online: October 1st. Visit the lottery numbers page to check if your lottery number has been selected.
  • Pickup October 5th-October 10th:  Purchase and pickup location will be given to each winning entrant. You must be 21 years old, have a valid State-issued ID and have a copy of your Montgomery County Alcohol License to claim your bottle. Your valid state-issued ID must match the name on the license.
  • Any bottle(s) left unclaimed by the close of business on October 10th will be forfeited.

If you see your number, please keep in mind the following rules:

  • Only one registered licensee from each Montgomery County, MD On-Premise, BWL alcohol license may enter for each business or license number.  Duplicate entries will be disqualified (Only the most recent entry will count). Licensee’s ID must match the alcohol license selected as the winner at pick up.
  • Bottles must be purchased at the appropriate store between Oct 5th-October 10th.  All lottery winners must purchase and pick-up their item no later than 9:00 p.m. on October 10th, no exceptions will be made. 
  • Anyone that has not purchased their bottle by October 10th will lose their lottery slot/chance to purchase that lottery item. 
  • You must be 21 years old to qualify and you will need to show proof of ID at the time of purchase.
  • If you do not have a valid government-issued, picture ID, or any part of your ID does not match your lottery entry (picture, name, address, zip code, etc.), your bottle will be forfeited.  No exceptions.
  • You must be a Montgomery County licensee and be able to prove it with a valid driver’s license or picture ID that matches the alcohol license selected as a winner. 
  • The winning licensee’s valid state or federal issued ID must match the name on the Montgomery County, MD alcohol license or the bottle will be forfeit. 
  • To qualify for the licensee lottery, businesses must be licensed to serve liquor on-premise by the glass. These license types include: BBWLHR, BBWLCT, BBWLHC, BBWLHM, BBWLPA, BDBWLHR, BKBWLHR, CATBWL, CBWLC, CBWLCC, CBWLCCO, BBWLCL, CBWLFV, CBWLRC, DBWL and SBWLCPA. All other license types do not qualify for the licensee lottery.
  • By entering, the licensee acknowledges that the spirits purchased under the winning license will be sold on-premise by the glass.
  • If the winner holds an alcohol license for more than one business, their valid driver’s license, or picture ID, must match the alcohol license which number was selected as a winner.  No exceptions.
  • There will be no proxy pick up. 
  • Duplicate entries will be disqualified. More than one entry from the same device will be disqualified.
  • In the event of duplicate entries, the most recent one only will be allowed.
  • Each entrant will be allowed to select their top three choices, you are guaranteed an equal chance to win one of those three items.
  • Each entry will only be eligible to win one of their top three choices in the drawing.  In the event that an entrant has two winning selections, the "First Choice" will take precedent overall and the "Second Choice" will take precedence over "the Third Choice".  Rank your choices appropriately!
  • P.O. Boxes will not be accepted. Lottery entries with P.O. Boxes will be disqualified.
  • Coupons and discounts do not apply to the purchase of lottery items.
  • Your (wholesale) account number must be used to make the lottery purchase.
The lottery is closed!  Find out if you won HERE!