Listing Products

The listing committee collectively determines which new items should be brought into the county for sale and what code to apply to these items. All new items, excluding beer, will be vetted by the listing committee. Note: Until further notice, new beer items will continue to be handled by the beer listing committee.


The listing committee will meet on a bi-annual basis, on the second Tuesday of March and September.

Submitting Items for Consideration

A completed Product Listing Form is required for any new item you would like the listing committee to consider. Incomplete forms will not be accepted and must be resubmitted for future consideration.

In addition to the Product Listing Form, we encourage you to submit supporting documentation that demonstrates the strength of the product. This could include information, such as:

  • Performance Data: sales history for surrounding markets, overall category performance, etc.
  • Marketing Support: national advertising campaign spend, awards or scores received, local marketing funds available (tastings), etc.
  • Assortment: How does this product fill a gap in our current offerings? How will your new size or package innovation drive incremental sales? etc.  

All submissions are due by the 20th of the month prior to listing committee meetings – that is August 20th and February 20th respectively. Please note, submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis and forms can be submitted at any time throughout the year.

Your submission will be evaluated by the committee and one of the following determinations will be made.

  1. The item will not be brought into the county at this time
    (this could occur for a variety of reasons – price point, current assortment, ordering constraints, etc.)
  2. An in-person presentation at our next listing committee meeting may be requested – this presentation can be requested for one item or for multiple items that you submitted
  3. The listing committee may decide to move forward with an immediate approval and have the item coded in our system, without requesting the in-person presentation

If you have questions about the status of your submission, please contact

Item Tags

If the item is approved, the listing committee will assign your item one of the following tags.

ST: Stock (product stocked in the warehouse and can be ordered by ABS retail stores or licensees)

LST: Licensee Stock (product stocked in the warehouse and can be ordered by licensees, not by ABS retail stores)

SC: Specialty Consideration (product not stocked in the warehouse but can be ordered by ABS retail stores or licensees)

LS: Licensee Special (product not stocked in the warehouse but can be ordered by licensees, not by ABS retail stores)

AL: Allocated

HO: Holiday

Specialty Items

Allocated items which do not currently have a code in our system will need to follow the listing process outlined above. In addition, opportunities for our retail stores such as buy the barrel programs, futures, private labels, etc., must be submitted to the listing committee for evaluation. 

Additional Information

  • If your item is not approved, please be sure to address all concerns raised by the listing committee before attempting to resubmit the item
  • Items that already have a code in our system are not handled by the product listing committee. In addition, items that need ‘administrative changes’ are not seen as new items (name change, pack lot change, vintage change, etc.) since the liquid is the same.
  • If you are seeking a code change on an item, please contact the purchasing department with your request.
  • Please contact with any questions about the listing process or to submit required documents

We appreciate your interest in listing a product with Montgomery County and we look forward to working with you.