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Camp Olympia

Camp Olympia has been a Rockville landmark summer camp since it was first established in the late 1950's by Stephen and Elizabeth Benedek.  Located off Muncaster Mill Road, the camp has been a local favorite for both young and old.   The Benedek’s had been involved in athletics all of their lives as  physical educational instructors in their native land of Hungary.  It was their dream to open up a sports camp for children and they were true pioneers in doing so. The horses were brought into to the camp because Mr. Benedek loved horses and he wanted to share them with children through the summer camp experience.  Their vision of providing quality recreational activities and learning opportunities are hallmarks of their successful program. Today, Elizabeth continues the legacy that she helped to build with her husband, Stephen.

Camp Olympia’s goal is to challenge every child to achieve new levels of knowledge.  They focus on developing of skills by providing a safe environment for children to practice and perfect what they learn at Camp Olympia. “With the camp being in existence for 58 years now, we now see parents who once campers were now bringing their own children to share in the Camp Olympia experience” explains Andrea Lingwood. “What a great way for both parents and children to share special memories of summer camp together”.

Camp Olympia consists of 14 acres and their equestrian program is a big part of the camp’s activities.  Campers are not only educated in sports related activities but they also learn about the horses, how to provide for their daily care, including nursing them when they are sick and feeding them.  Camp Olympia offers modern day instructions in a traditional summer camp setting.  One of their goals is to introduce children to new experiences that they are not likely to get anywhere else.  “Our horses are kept and cared for on-site all year round and it is one of the things that makes our camp experience even more special” Andrea explains.

“Through the instructions campers receive by working with the animals, they learn responsibility and commitment” Andrea adds.  “It does not matter what else you have going on in your life, you must be committed and responsible for their care, because they can’t take care of themselves” Andrea continued.  One of the greatest outcomes of interacting with these animals is the documented therapeutic benefits these animals provide.  “Our campers love the animals and they develop special bonds with each other” says Andrea.  She continued “As you work with these animals every day, you get a feeling that they know you are there for them”.

While the activities of the camp are primarily associated with the equestrian activities, campers also learn about the importance agricultural plays in their lives. “We look at every opportunity to teach important agricultural lessons at the camp” Andrea explains. “For example, not to take for granted where food comes from and how it is produced. Many children today believe food is produced at a store and do not understand the relationship of food to a farm”.

During Farm Tour weekend the camp will be open for visitors to learn more about Camp Olympia and campers will be demonstrating some of the fun activities that are part of the camp experience.  In addition to summer camps and horseback riding lessons, they also provide nursery school and child care services to the local community. For more information please visit their website at

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