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Heyser's Farm


                   Located along New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring is where you will find Heyser’s Farm. The farm is owned and
      operated by Mike Heyser. Mike’s family farm heritage dates back to the times of the revolutionary war. Heyser’s Farm was
      established in 1946 as one of the first roadside farms in the County.  Mike has been farming all his life, when he was 8 years
     old his father taught him how to operate the tractor.  In 2009 Mike became primary farm operator and he and his crew farm about
    100 acres.  He also partners with other growers to supply fresh fruits and vegetables that can be purchased at his farm market.

               Heyser Farm produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables such as peaches, apples, and other products. They also have cut
     flowers and the farm is home to the Spencerville Red Apple which can only be found at Heyser’s Market.  What makes Spencerville
    Red Apple’s special is that they are high in natural sugar and high in acid which make it perfect for eating, cooking and for use in other
    apple products.

             Heyser’s is the largest farm in the Silver Spring area and Mike shares a special connection to the local community. “I get to know my
    customers very well” explains Mike. “They can get access to local fruits and vegetables without having to drive very far”.  Mike enjoys the
    farming life, but admits it is very hard work. “Growing quality food doesn’t happen by accident, to grow good quality crops you have to
    possess the knowledge of what it takes to produce food” says Mike.   Still, Mike can’t imagine doing anything else. “I am able to work
    outside every day and that is a huge plus”.

               While Mike grew up on the family farm, he went to college to study law. “I took a class with a young woman that was interested in farming”
    Mike said. “When I found out she was taking classes in agriculture, I signed up so I could get to know her better” Mike laughed.  Mike came back
    to farming because of the long tradition it had with his family and it was the way of life that was attractive to him.

            Heyser’s farm will be opened on both Saturday and Sunday of the Farm Tour weekend.  They will promote some special events such as free
    wagon rides and they will have community vendors on site that will be promoting their local products and baked goods.  There will also be a
    display some of the farm machinery that is used on the farm.  During the growing season the farm market is opened Monday through Saturday
    from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.  They are closed on Sundays.  Mike invites everyone to come back for their Cider Festival which will be held on the
    first weekend of November.

         “Our farm is a piece of country that is in the city” Mike explains. “We produce a quality product and sell it at a fair price and it’s still a lot more
    fun than going to the mega mart”.   For more information about Heyser’s Farm please visit their website at

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