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Hilton's Farm & Garden


Bobby and Tarra Hilton are the proud owners of Hilton’s Farm and Garden.Their farm is located at
24801 Burnt Hill Road in Clarksburg Maryland which is about 2 miles from Clarksburg Town Center. 
Born and raised on his family’s farm, Bobby Hilton has been farming since the day he could walk.Tarra’s
path to farming began when she decided that working in the corporate office world was just not for her
and she changed her career path by joining her husband farming.“There’s just something special about
working outside, growing food, raising animals and interacting with our customers that make farming a
special vocation and way of life” explains Tarra Hilton.

Bobby and Tarra Hilton have both been farming for 30+ years and work their 67 acre farming operation together. Their farm produces a variety of agricultural products that they market locally at various farmers’ markets. Their products include: pastured beef, pork, eggs from their hens, and seasonal produce.The Hilton’s are especially proud of the animals raised on the farm. On their farm you can find pigs, fainting goats,a miniature horse, a donkey, hens, as well as beef steers. The Hilton family has a long tradition vested in agriculture as this family has been farming and working the land since the 1700’s.  “Farming is not for everyone but we enjoy it” explains Tarra.  “The Hilton family has been farming for generations and we are very proud to be continuing the farming legacy”.   In the 1990’s the family farm was recognized as a Maryland century farm, when Tarra’s parents (Thomas & Eloise Woodfield had a horse boarding facility there).

Bobby and Tarra feel a connection to the land and the customers they provide products to.“We get to
work outdoors every day, and while every day is different, we have to be ready to face whatever challenges may come along” Tarra explains.“Still, I can’t think of a better way to make a living, I love my animals, I love to grow food and I love to feed people” Tarra continues.  “Farming is not an easy job, it requires a level of patience that some don’t understand or even possess” Tarra explains. “You never really stop learning, just when you think you have seen it all, farming throws you a curve and it will teach you something new” says Tarra. If farming has taught the Hilton’s anything it’s that you just can’t predict the weather and you have to be prepared for anything Mother Nature will throw at you.“You have to be flexible” says Tarra. “You have to always have a plan B when things don’t go as expected”.

The Hiltons understand that growing food for people to eat means undertaking a big responsibility.  “We
are proud of the products we produce and we strive to market products that are healthy and nutritious to
the community” Tarra explains.  The Hilton’s always have something special to do on the farm during Farm
Tour weekend.  While there are an abundance of farm animals to visit on the farm, they are also planning
many activities for children and the entire family.

While the farm is open to visitors during the Farm Tour weekend, during the remainder of the growing
season the farm is open by appointment only.  If you wish to schedule a farm visit, you may contact the
Hiltons on Facebook at

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