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Madison Fields Farm

Madison Fields Farm in Dickerson functions primary as an equestrian operation that has a state-of-the-art riding stable as well as producing hay and leased acreage for small grain production.  The equestrian operation also provides boarding opportunities for horses which comprises of 28 stalls as well as jobs.

 What makes the farm special is that it provides therapeutic and vocational training opportunities for children and adults with autism and other intellectual or developmental disabilities.  While the animal boarding component of the operation generates revenue for Madison fields, it also provides job opportunities for young adults with autistic and other intellectual or developmental disabilities. For those interested in therapeutic riding or other riding opportunities, please contact Jessica Simpson at

The Madison House Autism Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded by Jalynn and Gregory Prince and was named after their son Madison, who has autism.  “Once a child reaches an adult age, there are no programs or assistance to help individuals with autism lead productive meaningful lives” Gregory Prince explains “These adult children usually live with their parents who provide for their care but when these parents die, they have nowhere to go and frequently become wards of the state ” Gregory continued, “Madison fields was founded on the principles of helping both children and adults with autism overcome enormous challenges so that they may have meaningful lives where they can live, work, thrive and make real contributions to society”. Madison House Autism Foundation was founded to identify the lifelong needs of adults with autism and through education, awareness, and advocacy, they help to address these challenges.

Madison Fields Farm is a real working farm, 365 days out of the year and while they typically work from sunrise to sunset each day, they do welcome visitors to the farm.  "We welcome visits to the farm so that everyone can see and appreciate what we do" Steve Sordo, Madison Fields Manager, explains.  "We like to view our operation as being inclusive and welcoming to anyone that would like to learn more or even volunteer their time here."

On Farm Tour weekend, Madison Fields Farm will be providing tours of the facilities and will host other fun family activities, and refreshments. “We want our visitors to feel welcomed here and that while our facility is designed to cater to those with special needs, we welcome and like to be inclusive to everyone and respectful of the Ag Reserve.”  Please check their website for more information at


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