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R. B. Savage and Sons Farm

If you find yourself traveling along Mount Ephraim Road in Dickerson, please make sure to stop and visit R.B. Savage and Sons on-farm market.  R.B. Savage and Sons farm operation consists of 900 acres of which 326 acres represents their home farm. The farm produces a diversity of locally grown produce, and meats as well as a rotation of small grains. These products include: wheat, corn, rye, and soybeans.  Sweet corn and seasonal vegetables are produced and marketed through their on farm market.  In addition to the farm’s vegetable production, they also raise grass fed Black Angus steers for beef products, hogs for pork products, poultry for chicken broilers and fresh farm eggs.

 “There aren’t any supermarkets that are close to the farm” Sandy explained. “Our market serves a real need to the community for access to wholesome fresh vegetables and quality meat products.”  The family is particularly proud of their own brand of country sausage that is produced from the farm and has become a local favorite. “The country sausage that we market is made from a 4th generation family recipe” explains Sandy. “It’s a recipe that has been in my family a very long time and is very popular among our farm market customers”.

 The Savage family has been farming in Montgomery County for generations.  Bruce Savage, owner and operator of R.B. Savage and Sons is the 4th generation to farm here in the County. The operation began as a dairy farm by Bruce’s great grandfather.  Bruce continued the family’s dairy farm heritage until 2013 when Bruce decided that his farming operation needed greater diversity to remain a viable operation.  Bruce made the transition from dairy farmer to small grain farmer and then ultimately local produce and meat production. He markets his agricultural products through an on-farm market, the local store is in Dickerson as well as County farmers’ markets.

 Their operation is truly family owned and operated as the entire family is an integral part of the operation. “Bruce has been farming all his life, you could say that he was born to farm” explains Sandy Savage. “We have three boys that represent the 5th generation of Savages to work the land and we are hopeful that they too will want to continue farming” Sandy continued.  Farming for Bruce has always been more than a job, it has been his life.  “If Bruce couldn’t farm, I am not sure what Bruce would do with himself” Sandy explains “He absolutely loves it and can’t imagine doing anything else”. Sandy’s path to farming was from a less traditional route.  She started working in the corporate world but soon found the farming lifestyle with the peace and solitude that come from farming to be very attractive. “It was a great way to raise a family and I know that my boys have benefited greatly from growing up and working on the family farm” Sandy continued.

Farming is hard work, and what makes farming enjoyable for the Savage family is being able to work outside, doing what they love every day of the week. “There is something special about being your own boss and time keeper” says Sandy. “There is always something to do and every day presents new challenges”.  Farming for the Savages is a 7 day-a-week responsibility, rain or shine, summer through winter, 365 a year.  “One thing you learn from farming is to have patience” explains Sandy. “You find it difficult to make plans because every day presents new challenges to overcome and that you must learn to expect the unexpected”.

Farming runs deep in the Savage family’s heritage, its importance to them is vested in growing and raising food in a natural setting along with the responsibility that comes by providing healthy choices for their customer base.  “We want to provide our customers with an alternative to buying their products at the big supermarkets” explains Sandy. “You can’t purchase any fresher than right from the farm”. R.B. Savage and Sons are very proud of the products their farm produces. “The products available at our farm market are the same high quality foods that we feed to our own family” Sandy explains.

 On Farm Tour weekend they will be selling hamburgers made from their grass fed, pasture raised Black Angus steers for customers to sample. The on farm market is opened year round, Wednesday through Friday 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  “While we are opened year around, if someone needs something outside our normal hours of operation, just call us and we can make arrangements to meet you” Sandy explains.    If you want to learn more about their operation you can follow them on Facebook at

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