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                                                                                                                                            Rocklands Farm

        Growing up in nearby Bethesda, Greg Glenn never imagined growing up to be a farmer. However after visiting members of his family that were
        farmers in South Africa, he developed a new found appreciation and desires to get involved in raising food.

       Greg studied Agriculture & Applied Economics at Virginia Tech University.  Attending college and studying agriculture only served to fuel his passion
       for wanting to feed people by farming and establishing a local food system.  In 2003, Greg and his family moved to Rocklands Farm where he started
       an agricultural operation that took on a holistic approach to agriculture to feed, nourish and engage the local community.  Greg now has been farming
       for about 6 years and finds the work both challenging and rewarding.

       The operation consists of 60 owned and leased acres which is utilized to produce a variety of agricultural products. They produce pastured beef and
       pork products, eggs, non-certified organic produce as well as a vineyard for the production of their own wine.   What is holistic agriculture?   “It is a
       management method where the economic, social, and environmental elements are equally important for the success of the whole farm” Greg Glenn explains. 
      “Our products are always picked fresh and marketed the same day and at the peak of ripeness as well”.

      “The meat products produced at Rocklands Farm are vacuum sealed at an USDA approved facility to preserve their taste and tenderness and our eggs are harvested daily,
        hand-washed & packed, so you can be sure you’re buying fresh eggs on the market” Greg explains.  Greg believes that the diversity of agricultural products grown at
       Rocklands Farm is one of the things that makes their farm special.  “While our farm produces agricultural products for everyone to enjoy, the farm can also be the
      venue for special activities and weddings” Greg explains.

      Greg admits that farming is hard work but he always finds the work personally satisfying and rewarding.  “Farming has taught me a lot about life, but I credit the
      generations of farmers that have come before me for teaching me everything I know about farming”. 

      "Farming is more than just food production, it teaches and helps you grow both personally and professionally” Greg continues.  “I hope to be able to continue the
        legacy and tradition of farming that was started by the generations of farmers that have come before” One thing Greg would like you to take away from your visit
       at Rocklands is that you can come out here and feel like it is home, you can come here and feel welcomed and at peace.

      Rocklands Farm is opened year round, Wednesday through Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm.   They will be opened both Saturday and Sunday during the Farm Tour
      Weekend.  “We hope you will come out here and share your day with us” explains Greg.  We want you to feel like you are coming home where you are
      welcomed and can feel at peace” Greg added.
      For more information about Rocklands Farm, please visit their website at

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