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Phil's Views On Transportation

  • Cut ICC Tolls in Half, Double the Traffic.  Published in The Gazette on January 9, 2013 (See Commentary)
  • Councilmember Andrews Calls for State to Cut ICC Tolls in Half (See Press Release)
  • Councilmember Andrews' Testimony to WMATA Board Regarding Proposed FY13 Metro Fare Adjustments (See Testimony)
  • Councilmember Andrews Says ICC Will "Fail" and be a "Boondoggle" If MdTA's Approved Toll Rates Stand (see press release)
  • Councilmember Andrews Calls Upon Governor O'Malley to Reduce High ICC Toll Rates (see press release)
  • Councilmember Andrews Memorandum to Council Colleagues about I-270 and the Corridor Cities Transitway. November 7, 2009 (See Memorandum)
  • Andrews Denounces “Culture of Corruption” in Pro-ICC Developer Contributions to Ehrlich and Steele (See Press Release)
  • Testimony of Montgomery County Councilmember Phil Andrews on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement of the Intercounty Connector. January 5, 2005 (See Press Release)
  • Governor's ICC Stand: 'Bogus,' 'ridiculous' (See Press Release)
  • Montgomery County Councilmember Phil Andrews’ Statement Regarding Fast-tracking of Federal Environmental Review Process for the ICC (See Press Release)


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