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MD 586 (Veirs Mill Road) Project

This page contains an overview of the Veirs Mill Road Project, as well as important reference documents. It also contains information related to its past open house. Information about public outreach such as Corridor Advisory Committee (CAC) meetings can be found on other parts of this website or at

Project Overview

  • The Viers Mill Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project will design and construct a new FLASH Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line on Veirs Mill Road (MD 586) between the Wheaton and Rockville Metrorail Stations.
  • Planning conducted by the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) resulted in a Recommended Alternative in late 2017. The Recommended Alternative includes queue jumps for use by BRT and other buses at congested intersections along the corridor, new BRT stations with level boarding and off-board payment, Transit Signal Priority, purchase of new 60-foot articulated vehicles, and other associated pedestrian and bicycle improvements along the corridor. The study retains curbside dedicated lanes as the long-term BRT alternative for Veirs Mill Road.
  • The Project is funded for Preliminary Design in the County Budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2023.

About the Project



Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) is planning to design and construct a FLASH Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line along Veirs Mill Road (MD 586).

The project will transform mobility options with the implementation of a 7-mile, premium, branded, limited-stop BRT service along Veirs Mill Road. This new service will improve transit travel time and increase opportunity for a broad range of users, including a significant number of minority and low-income riders living along a highly congested corridor. The project will improve passenger transit mobility by connecting riders to high density housing and employment centers. The Veirs Mill Road corridor experiences some of the highest existing transit volumes in Montgomery County and for that reason has long been considered for transit enhancements.

In addition to this website, MDOT's website also provides useful information about this project.

FLASH features and amenities include:

  • Frequent, reliable service
  • Dedicated lanes, where feasible
  • New, enhanced vehicles accommodate bicycles onboard and are equipped with WiFi and USB ports
  • New, comfortable stations that provide weather protection, pre-payment stations, and real-time transit information (via message boards)
  • Community-friendly design with enhanced pedestrian and bicycle features
  • Level boarding through all doors, that allows for easy boarding and alighting for all riders, including those in wheelchairs
  • Transit Signal Priority (TSP) to support faster, more reliable BRT operations

Other FLASH routes in the county that are currently being planned or implemented include:


Important Documents

Open Houses

Open houses constitute opportunities for residents to stop in, learn about this project, ask questions, and offer comments to our staff. Below are the open houses that have taken place or are about to take place. They are organized from most recent to oldest events.

Open House 3

This open house took place on Wednesday, September 28, 2016, at the cafeteria of the Executive Office Building. It was hosted by Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) in partnership with Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT). Please find below document(s) related to this event:

Open House 2 (Alternatives Public Workshop)

This Alternatives Public Workshop (an open-house style event) took place in November 2013 at the Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville. It familiarized the public with the project planning process and presented preliminary alternatives. It was hosted by Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Open House 1

This open house took place in May 2012 at the Holiday Park Senior Center. It introduced to the public the Purpose and Need document. It was hosted by Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Your Input is Important to Us!

If you have any questions or want to share any comments about the Veirs Mill Road Project, please contact the State Highway Administration at the following email address: .


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