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Roger Berliner


Council President Roger Berliner

The Berliner Brief

Keep informed on issues important to the residents and businesses in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Garrett Park, Glen Echo, Friendship Heights, North Bethesda, Potomac, and Somerset. Click here to sign up to receive The Berliner Brief.


  • June 2015
    Working to Curb Predatory Towing | Creating the Nation's First Local Green Bank | Offering Common Sense Alternative Measures to the Pesticides Bill | Paid Sick Leave Bill Update | Department of Economic Development Reorganization: Why Everyone Should Care | Moving Forward on Reforming our Taxicab Regulations | Affordable Housing Website Bill | Friend of Glen Echo Park & CSG Awards | Earth Day Art Contest Awards Reception | Refreshing our County's Master Plan of Bikeways | Out & About | Nonprofit of the Month: Leveling the Playing Field
  • February-Early March 2015
    Infrastructure & Growth: Are We Keeping Pace? | The County & Liquor -- Time for Serious Reform | Moving Transit Forward | Improvements Coming to Wall Park | Keeping Our Sidewalks Open | Making Metro Safe & Affordable | Pesticides Legislation Update | Paid Sick Leave Bill Update | Turning the Page on Artificial Turf Infill | Commemorating Black History Month | Planning for Our Seniors | Council Passes E-cigarettes Ban Legislation | Nonprofit of the Month: Friends of the Library, Montgomery County
  • January 2015
    2014 Year in Review | NIH Visit with President Obama & Progress on Ebola Vaccine | Update on Coalition for Utility Reform | OLO Interactive Fiscal Plan Unveiled | Liquor Control Update | Nonprofit of the Month: Crittenton Services of Greater Washington


  • November 2014
    Why I Am Pleased to Be Serving on the HHS Committee | Workforce Development Training Tour @ Montgomery College | Fighting for Reasonable Tree Trimming Practices by Pepco | Westbard Sector Plan Update | The Future of Artificial Turf Fields: Organic Infill | Neighborhood Spotlight: Carderock Springs & Cabin John | New Scotland Recreation Center | Sidewalk Snow Removal Plan Approved | Suburban Hospital Addition Groundbreaking | Update on Road Code Bill | Let Your Voices Be Heard on WSSC Water Billing Issues | 'Ban the Box' Legislation Signed Into Law | Nonprofit of the Month: Interfaith Works
  • October 2014
    Honoring White Flint's Future | Giving WSSC Ratepayers A Fair Shake | We Can Have Both Uber/Lyft & Good Taxi Services | Creating Maryland's First Local Campaign Finance System | Updates on Metro Repair Work | Update on Coalition for Utility Reform | Community Leaders Town Hall | What Does the Future Hold for the Apex Building in Bethesda? | Confirming Natali Fani-Gonzalez to Planning Board Seat | Green Banks & A More Sustainable Montgomery County | Promoting Pedestrian Safety Around Our Schools | Crafting a Responsible Drone Policy | Nonprofit of the Month: MCAEL 
  • September 2014
    Spurring Greater Innovation in our Local Taxicab Industry | Promoting Utility Reform | BRT: The Bus of the Near Future | Connecticut Avenue Construction | Celebrating National Night Out | Touring our Correctional Facility with Attorney General Holder & Secretary Perez | Back to School Visit @ Walt Whitman HS | Career Pathways Legislation Update | New Library Hours Begin in October | Expanding Bioscience/Healthcare Opportunities in the Upcounty | Nonprofit of the Month: CollegeTracks 
  • July 2014
    First Ever Transportation Committee Meeting Held With D.C. Council | Council Approves Casey Anderson as New Planning Board Chair | OLO to Review Affordable Housing and Liquor Control | Meeting with Senator Ben Cardin | Commercial PACE Passes Major Hurdle | Managing Our Deer Population | Honoring our Top Ranked High Schools | Briefing on Innovations in Public Safety
  • Late June 2014
    Advocating for WSSC Ratepayers | Welcoming the KID Museum to Bethesda | New Office of Sustainability Established Within Dept. of Environmental Protections | An EcoDistrict in Bethesda? | Challenging Pepco's Latest Rate Increase Request | Innovative Technology Helping to Promote Public Safety | Bethesda Urban Partnership Celebrates 20 Years of Success

  • June 2014
    Poolesville Goes Solar | Early & Absentee Voting Information | A Wider Circle Proclamation | New Bikeshare Stations | Taking Pride in the C & O Canal | Zoning Code Rewrite Works Continues | Strut Your Mutt | The Grateful Shred | Honoring Jamie Jamison and Our County's Famers

  • April 2014
    Making Strides to Alleviate Poverty | Taking Care of our Seniors -- Increasing Transportation Options & Property Tax Relief | Celebrating Montgomery County Farming | Update on Road Repair & Utility Work | Zoning Code Open House Schedule | Cabin John Middle School Town Hall

  • March 2014
    Investigating Unusually High WSSC Bills | Annapolis PTA Night | Energy and Environmental Package Update | Employment Up, Crime Down | Interview With Walt Whitman HS Student Journalists | Capital Area Food Bank Volunteering | Introducing Our New Fire Chief | Working to Stop Domestic Violence | New Zoning Code Approved | Bethesda Downtown Plan Underway

  • February 2014
    Promoting Energy Efficiency and Greener Energy Use in Montgomery County | Supporting Public Financing of Campaigns for County Government | Council Approves Bethesda Purple Line Station Plan | Ten Mile Creek | Safer Roads for All Users | County Council Appoints Cherri Branson as New District 5 Councilmember | Senior Citizens Transportation Initiative Launched | Tour of A Wider Circle's Center for Professional Development | MCPS CIP Recommendations | School Bus Safety Cameras Implementation Begins 


  • September 2013
    Rapid Transit Public Hearings This Week | Update on Zoning Ordinance Rewrite  -- Aditional Public Hearing Needed | Purple Line Final Environmental Impact Statement Released | Capital Bikeshare Opening Tomorrow | What's the Status of the Red Line? | Supporting the Cybersecurity Industry | New Campaign to Reduce Panhandling | Preserving Our Transit Options | Great Events Next Month: Taste of Bethesda and Potomac Day 
  • July 2013
    Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan Approved By Council | Tree Bills: Passed | PSC Decision on Rate Increase and Embracing Utility 2.0 | PHED Committee Busy Reviewing Zoning Ordinance Rewrite | BCC MS #2 | Reshapping Our Roads in White Flint | Increasing the Historic Preservation Tax Credit | Two New Post Offices in District 1: Update | Propposed Early Voting Centers

  • June 2013
    Increasing the Historic Preservation Tax Credit | Planning Committee Finishes Review of Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan | Planning Board Considering Rapid Transit Network + Answers to Frequently Asked Questions | Bikeshare: Getting Close! | Roadside Tree Bill Passes Out of Committee | Zoning Rewrite Review Underway | Two New Post Offices in District 1 | Changes to the Scope of the County's Bag Tax | Montgomery County Joins the 100,000 Homes Campaign
  • May 2013
    Advancing a Better Utility Model | Update on BCC Middle School #2 | Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan | Navigating the Small Business Maze | Managing the County's Significant Deer Population | Green Investor Incentive Program: Passed | Update on the Silver Spring Transit Center | Zoning Code Rewrite
  • Special Recommended FY14 Budget Edition
    MCPS Budget | Public Safety and Safety Net | Economic Development | Montgomery County Public Libraries | Transit Services and the Expansion of Capital Bikeshare | Road Resurfacing | District 1 School CIP Update
  • Special T&E Committee Edition - March 2013
    State Funding for Transportation Priorities | Pedestrian Safety at Bethesda Elementary School | Update on the Silver Spring Transit Center | WSSC Sewer Main Break | Maryland Public Service Commission Released Derecho Findings | Utility 2.0 Filing at Public Service Commission | Supporting State Legislation that Levels the Playing Field Between Utilities and Ratepayers | Department of Energy State Energy Advisory Board | Council at Work on Green Investor Incentive Program | An Update on Trees
  • February 2013
    Transportation Funding: Will Our State Make it a Priority? | Council and Board of Education Collaborate on Accelerated School Safety Funding | Legislation to Maximize Use of County Assets to Create Additional Affordable Housing: Passed | A Vote on Accessory Apartments | Update on County Tree Legislation | Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan Update


  • December 2012
    Transportation Summit Focuses on Sustainable Transportation Funding | Pepco's Latest Request for a Rate Hike | Good News for Downcounty Bikeshare | Exciting Things Happening in White Flint | Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan Update | Superintendent's Recommended FY14 Operating Budget | Maximizing County Assets to Create New Affordable Housing | Street Tree Legislation | A New Tax Credit for Green Businesses | More Dog Parks
  • September 2012
    Update on Pepco | Easing Congestion | Effects Bargaining on the Ballot | Bringing Bikeshare to Montgomery County | Accessory Apartments | Chevy Chase Lake Update | Celebrating Our Hometown Olympians | Lot 31 and Woodmont Avenue Closure | Taste of Bethesda | Walk to School Day at Wood Acres Elementary School
  • Celebrating Our Hometown Olympians
    Invitation to Celebration of Bethesda Olympians
  • July 2012
    Public Service Commission Hearing on Pepco and Pepco's Self-Evaluation | Montgomery and Fairfax Transportation Committees Hold Historic Meeting | Chevy Chase Lake Update | Glenstone Sewer Request | A Ban on Coal Tar | Bethesda is #17 In Cool
  • Special Derecho Edition - 2
    June 29 Derecho Follow Up
  • Special Derecho Edition - 1
    Immediate Response to June 29 Derecho Storm
  • May 2012
    Council Takes Straw Vote on FY13 Operating Budget and FY13-18 CIP | Great News for Bikeshare | A Chief Innovation Officer | Proposed Tree Legislation | Ambulance Fee
  • March 2012
    Annapolis Update | The Future of the Capital Crescent Trail | Kensington Sector Plan | A Small Business Navigator | Shaping Our Future: Adapting to Change | White Flint Update


  • November 2011
    Kensington Sector Plan Under Review | Where Do Big Box Stores Belong? | T&E Committee Collaborates With Our Neighbors to the East | White Flint Projects Moving Forward | Bethesda-Chevy Chase Middle School #2 | Purple Line Surprise | CR Zone Amended | Bringing Bikeshare Across the District Line | Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan Update | Redistricting | Suspects Charged in Two Potomac Burglaries | Board Vacancies
  • September 2011
    Public Power: Is It Right for Montgomery County? | An Update on the Proposed Curfew | BRAC Update | Good News for the C&O Canal | New Leadership in the 2nd Police District | Residential Energy Rebate Program | Bringing Bikeshare to Bethesda | Odds and Ends | Board Vacanacies
  • Special Hurricane Irene Edition
    Pepco | Trees | Food Safety | Alert Montgomery
  • July 2011
    Proposed Curfew for Minors | Our County's Relationship with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) | Suburban Hospital | An Update on Pepco | BRAC Update | A Decision for Greenwich Forest | Commercial-Residential Zone Update | Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan | New Escalators for Bethesda Metro | Bethesda Post Office to Consolidate Retail Operations | Odds and Ends
  • Special FY12 Operating Budget Edition
    Highlights of the FY12 Operating Budget
  • Special FY12 MCPS Budget Edition
    A discussion of the FY12 Operating Budget for Montgomery County Public Schools
  • April 2011
    County Executive's Recommended Fiscal Year 2012 Operating Budget | News on BRAC | State Legislation Requires Reliability Standards | A New Middle School in the BCC Cluster | Soccer Fields in Potomac Neighborhood? | An Update on the North Bethesda Recreation Center | Artificial Turf Draft Report Available for Comment | Housing Element of the General Plan | Recent Grand Openings in Bethesda | Odds and Ends | Celebrating Churchill Ice Hockey
  • March 2011
    An Update on Pepco | Transit, Transit, Transit... & BRAC! | Report of the Organizational Reform Commission | A Montgomery County Bag Fee | Soccer Fields in Montgomery County? | County Executive's Recommended CIP | Odds and Ends
  • January 2011
    An Update on Pepco | Looking Ahead as Chair of T&E: Energy and Environment | Briefing on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) | Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan | Water Quality in Montgomery County | Zoning Code Rewrite: What is it and What Does it Mean? | Pearl Street Access to the Capital Crescent Trail | Montgomery County Carbon Tax on Major Emitters | A New Parking Garage at Glenmont Metro | Odds and Ends


  • December 2010
    Looking Ahead as Chair of the Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy, and Environment Committee | Fiscal Outlook | Structural Defecit Plan | Snow Briefing from the Department of Transportation | Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan | BRAC Moves Forward, But Funding Remains Uncertain | Arbitration Legislation| Odds and Ends | Next "Conversations with Councilmember Berliner | Calling All Community Leaders | My Office
  • November 2010
    Making White Flint a Reality: Financing the Plan | Addressing County Budget Issues | Zoning Code Rewrite: What Is It and What Does It Mean? | BRAC: Keep Your Fingers Crossed | Pepco's Reliability Plan | Off Street Parking Regulations | Commemorating Veterans Day | Calling All Community Leaders | My Office
  • October 2010
    White Flint Sector Plan Update | Ambulance Fee on the Ballot | Update on the Pepco Investigation | Organizational Reform Commission | Grants Advisory Group Seeking Applicants | Walk To School Day 2010 | Odds and Ends | A Visit From the Bells Mill Boy Scouts | Calling All Community Leaders | My Office
  • September 2010
    Spending Disclosure Website Goes Live | Pepco | An Update on the Organizational Reform Commission | Incident at Discovery Channel Building | Odds and Ends | Calling All Community Leaders | My Office
  • Special Edition: A Report on the Maryland Public Service Commission's Hearing on Pepco's Reliability
    The next stage of the Maryland Public Service Commission's (PSC) investigation into Pepco's reliability played out in the Council chambers in Rockville last evening.
  • Special Edition: The Pepco Investigation Begins
    I went to Baltimore this morning to observe the Maryland Public Service Commission's(MPSC) first day of hearings into the investigation of Pepco's quality of service, an investigation thatour Council had requested.
  • August 2010
    Keeping the Lights On | HELP Needs Help | Disability Reform | BRAC Update | Purple Line | An Update on the Organizational Reform Commission | Odds and Ends | Calling All Community Leaders | My Office
  • Special Edition: July Power Outage
    I wanted to update you on the status of County-wide efforts to address the effects of yesterday's storms.
  • June 2010
    Fiscal Responsibility Rewarded: County Retains AAA Bond Rating | Cabin John Middle School | An Update on the Organizational Reform Commission | WSSC Water Restrictions | Non-Profits Achieving Energy Savings | BRAC Rolls Toward a 2011 Opening | My Office


  • May 2009 Issue 2
    Fiscal Year 2010 Budget | Calling All Community Leaders | Save the Date
  • February 2009
    Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) | Spending Disclosure Bill | Senior Forum
  • January 2009
    How to Reduce the 2010 Budget | Purple Line Recommendations | Water Main Breaks and WSSC Infrastructure

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