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Registering for tax accounts with Maryland

Step 7
Registering for tax
accounts with Maryland

Filing and paying business taxes can be complicated. The  Maryland Comptroller's Office offers convenient online services to help new busiensses set up tax accounts, obtain the right business licenses, and learn about available tax credits.

Complete the  Maryland Combined Registration Form to establish your tax accounts, which may include:

  • Admissions and amusement tax account
  • Income tax withholding account
  • Sales and use tax license
  • Tire recycling fee
  • Transient vendor license
  • Unemployment insurance account
You need to  download the paper version to apply for the following:
  • Alcohol tax license
  • Tobacco tax license
  • Motor fuel tax account

Personal Property Taxes

In Maryland all businesses are taxed on business-owned personal property such as furniture, fixtures, office and industrial equipment, machinery, tools, supplies, inventory and any other property not classified as real property. You must file a  Business Personal Property Return every year, on April 15, regardless of whether you have property. The minimum fee to file the return is $300 per year. Businesses are automatically registered when they are formed and file articles of organization/incorporation with the State. You will receive a personal property tax bill after the return is reviewed by the State of Maryland.

Sole Proprietorships or General Partnerships

Sole proprietorships or general partnerships must obtain a Tax ID Number through Maryland Business Express so that their business personal property can be properly assessed.

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