Expedited Bill No.         41-10               

Concerning: Domestic Violence Coordinating Council – Membership                                

Revised:    7/20/2010        Draft No. 2  

Introduced:      June 29, 2010                

Enacted:         July 20, 2010                 

Executive:       July 29, 2010                 

Effective:        July 29, 2010                 

Sunset Date:  None                             

Ch.   41    , Laws of Mont. Co.    2010    


County Council

For Montgomery County, Maryland


By: Councilmember Andrews, Trachtenberg, Navarro, and Ervin



(1)   alter the membership on the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council; and

(2)   generally amend the law establishing the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council.



By amending

            Montgomery County Code

            Chapter 2, Administration

            Section 2-59



Boldface                                             Heading or defined term.

Underlining                                          Added to existing law by original bill.

[Single boldface brackets]                  Deleted from existing law by original bill.

Double underlining                              Added by amendment.

[[Double boldface brackets]]              Deleted from existing law or the bill by amendment.

*   *   *                                                  Existing law unaffected by bill.








The County Council for Montgomery County, Maryland approves the following Act:

          Sec. 1.  Section 2-59 is amended as follows: 

2-59. Domestic Violence Coordinating Council.

            *          *          *

          (c)      Composition and terms of members.

                   (1)     The Coordinating Council has [16] 17 members.

            *          *          *

                   (5)     Subject to confirmation by the County Council, the County Executive must appoint a student member to serve a 1-year term on the Coordinating Council.  The student member’s term may be renewed for 1 additional year.  The student member should be a high school junior or senior when initially appointed and [[must]] should attend a public or private school in the County [[throughout the member’s term]]

            *          *          *

        Sec. 2. Expedited Effective Date.

          The Council declares that this legislation is necessary for the immediate protection of the public interest.  This Act takes effect on the date when it becomes law.