Bill No.                           37-11             

Concerning: Motor Vehicles and Traffic – School Bus Safety Cameras                             

Revised:  February 14, 2012 Draft No.  6

Introduced:      November 29, 2011        

Enacted:         March 6, 2012                

Executive:       March 16, 2012              

Effective:        June 15, 2012                

Sunset Date:  None                             

Ch.   1      , Laws of Mont. Co.    2012    


County Council

For Montgomery County, Maryland


By:  Councilmembers Ervin, Andrews and Rice, Council President Berliner, Councilmember Elrich, Council Vice President Navarro, and Councilmembers Riemer, Floreen, and Leventhal


AN ACT to:

            (1)        authorize the use of cameras on certain County school buses to monitor vehicles overtaking a stopped school bus under certain circumstances;

(2)        authorize the Executive, by regulation, to establish appropriate penalties for a violation;

(3)        provide for enforcement of certain Maryland transportation laws in the County through the use of school bus safety cameras; and

            (4)        generally authorize and regulate the use of school bus safety cameras in the County.


By adding

            Montgomery County Code

            Chapter 31, Motor Vehicles and Traffic

            Section 31-9B



Boldface                                             Heading or defined term.

Underlining                                          Added to existing law by original bill.

[Single boldface brackets]                  Deleted from existing law by original bill.

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*   *   *                                                  Existing law unaffected by bill.









The County Council for Montgomery County, Maryland approves the following Act:


(a)     Definitions.  As used in this Section:

Board means the County Board of Education.

Chief means the County Police Chief.

Violation means a violation of Transportation Article §21-706.

          School bus means a bus operated by the Board to transport students.