Bill No.                6-11                          

Concerning: Advisory Board for the Montgomery Cares Program – Membership                  

Revised:    3/4/2011          Draft No. 1  

Introduced:      March 8, 2011                

Enacted:         April 5, 2011                  

Executive:       April 12, 2011                

Effective:        July 12, 2011                 

Sunset Date:  None                             

Ch.   4      , Laws of Mont. Co.    2011    


County Council

For Montgomery County, Maryland


By: Council President at the Request of the County Executive


AN ACT to:

            (1)        alter the membership on the Advisory Board for the Montgomery Cares Program; and

(2)        generally amend County law concerning the Advisory Board for the Montgomery  Cares Program.


By amending

            Montgomery County Code

            Chapter 24, Health and Sanitation

            Section 24-50



Boldface                                             Heading or defined term.

Underlining                                          Added to existing law by original bill.

[Single boldface brackets]                  Deleted from existing law by original bill.

Double underlining                              Added by amendment.

[[Double boldface brackets]]              Deleted from existing law or the bill by amendment.

*   *   *                                                  Existing law unaffected by bill.










The County Council for Montgomery County, Maryland approves the following Act:







          Sec. 1. Section 24-50 is amended as follows:

24-50. Members; appointments; terms.

          (a)     Total members.  The Board has [15] 17 members.

                *              *              *

          (c)      Other members.  Subject to confirmation by the County Council, the County Executive should appoint the following individuals to serve on the Board:

                   (1)     2 representatives of community health care providers that participate in the Program;

                   (2)     1 representative of hospitals that participate in the Program;

                   (3)     The chair of the Board of Directors of the entity that contracts with the Department to administer the distribution of funds for the delivery of Program services or the chair’s designee;

                   (4)     3 members of the public[, who may be current or former recipients of services under the Program];

                   (5)     4 individuals who have knowledge of and experience with issues relating to health care for uninsured individuals such as primary care, specialty care, dental care, behavioral health care, or fiscal matters relating to any of these types of care;

                   (6)     1 representative of the Commission on Health; and

                   (7)     1 representative of the County Medical Society[.]; and

                   (8)     2 current or former recipients of services under the Program.

                *              *              *