Archived Council Coming Attractions

Council Coming Attractions is a summary of some of the issues before the Council. All Council staff reports and additional information on each item scheduled for Council review can be found at: Watch Live and Archived Council Meetings, View Agendas and Staff Reports. Council meeting schedule may change from time to time. Current Agenda.

Date Title
Dec 7, 2020 Coronavirus Relief Fund, COVID-19 Public Health Planning, Public Accountability and Transparency (PACT Act), Merit System Employee Severance Play, Protection Against Rent Gouging, Removal of Mercury Service Regulators, Window Guards, Housing Justice Act, Housing Near Transit Corridors, County Fiscal Update
Nov 30, 2020 Election of Council Officers, Racial Equity and Social Justice Advisory Commission, Educational Equity and Enrichment Hubs, Winterization for Streeteries, Coronavirus Relief Fund, County Ethics Commission, Minimum Work Week for Building Maintenance Workers, Community Use of Public Facilities Enterprise Find, U.S. Census
Nov 16, 2020 County’s 2020-2024 Subdivision Staging Policy (Growth and Infrastructure Policy), COVID-19 Public Health Update, Coronavirus Relief Fund, Community Policing Data, School Resource Officers, SemiAnnual Report of the Planning Board
Nov 9, 2020 COVID-19 Public Health Update, Coronavirus Relief Fund, Commission on Health, Subdivision Staging Policy, Townhouse Living Conditional Use Standards, Impact Tax Rates for Transportation and School Development, Arts COVID-19 Relief Fund, Additional Height in
Commercial/Residential Zones, Surface Parking, Fair Criminal Record Screening Standards
Oct 26, 2020 COVID-19 Public Health Update, Coronavirus Relief Fund, Educational Equity and Enrichment Hubs, Arts COVID-19 Relief Fund, WSSC Spending Control Limits, Inspector General Report, Subdivision Staging Policy, Accessory Mulching and Composting, WMATA Payment in Lieu of
Oct 19, 2020 COVID-19 Public Health Update, Coronavirus Relief Fund, Racial Equity and Social Justice, Subdivision Staging Policy, Public Accountability and County Transparency Act, Single-Use Straws, Food Containers, Merit Employee Severance Pay, Thrive Montgomery 2050 
Oct 12, 2020 COVID-19 Public Health Update, Coronavirus Relief Fund, Solar Collection System, Development Impact Taxes for Schools and Transportation, Single-Use Straws, Polystyrene Food Containers, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit
Oct 5, 2020 Hispanic Heritage Month Commemoration, Workplace Harassment, LGBTQ Bill of Rights, WMATA Payment in Lieu of Taxes, Public Campaign Financing, Solar Collection Systems, MCPS Mental Health Services, Subdivision Staging Policy, Montgomery Cares, Care for Kids, Mobile Crisis Team 
Sep 28, 2020 School-Age Child Care During Distance Learning, Community Development Block Grant Funds for Emergency Rental Assistance, Public Accountability and Transparency, Racial Equity and Social Justice Zoning Impact Statements, Uniform Trader’s License Fee, Townhouse Living Conditional Use Standards, Solar Collection System, Release of Balloons 
Sep 21, 2020 Uniform Trader’s License Fee, Police Accountability Act, School-Age Child Care During Distance Learning, COVID-19 County Public Health Planning Update, Forest Conservation, Subdivision Staging Policy
Sep 14, 2020 Subdivision Staging Policy, Purple Line, Uniform Trader’s License Fee, Fair Criminal Record Screening, Public Campaign Financing, Youth Sports Initiative, Release of Balloons
Jul 27, 2020 COVID-19 Relief Efforts, Fair Criminal Record Screening Standards, Rental Assistance Program, Police Use of Force Policy, Potential 2020 General Election Ballot Questions, Release of Balloons, LGBTQ Bill of Rights, WMATA Payment In Lieu of Taxes, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Resolution in Support of Mailing Ballots to Voters
Jul 20, 2020 Covid-19 Public Health Update, Public Campaign Financing, Police Accountability, Police Use of Force, Interagency Commission on Homelessness, Energy and Air Quality Advisory Committee, Enhanced Covid-19 Testing Strategy, Mobile Crisis Response, Resolution Calling to Change State Song, Short-Term Assistance to Distressed Common Ownership Communities, Charter Amendments, Culturally Competent Health Resources, Hotline for Residents in Crisis
Jul 13, 2020 Policing Advisory Commission Interviews; Resolution to Support the Renaming of the Washington Football Team;  FY21 Operating Budget and more
Jul 6, 2020 LGBTQ Rights, WMATA Payment in Lieu of Taxes, Energy and Air Quality Advisory Committee, Housing Production Fund, Mobile Crisis Response, Community Clinics, Medical and Dental Practices, Emergency Solutions Grant, Covid-19 Public Health and Safety Update
Jun 22, 2020 Mobile Crisis Response, Food Security Fund, Interagency Commission on Homelessness, Charter Review Commission, Germantown Plan for the Town Sector Zone, Covid-19 County Public Health Planning, Local Business Preference Program, E-Scooters
Jun 15, 2020 Declaring Racism a Public Health Crisis, Police Use of Force Policy, Interagency Commission on Homelessness, Workplace Harassment, Rental Assistance, Covid-19 Public Health and Safety Update, I-270 and I495 Managed Lanes Study, CARES Act Elementary and Secondary Schools Economic Relief Fund
Jun 8, 2020 Declaring Racism a Public Health Crisis, Food Insecurity Issues Around Covid-19, Covid-19 Public Health and Safety Update, E-Scooters, Unemployment Insurance Outreach, OLO Research Papers on Montgomery County’s Economic Recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic 
May 19, 2020 Personnel Regulations, Office of Labor Relations, Sex Assault Kit Testing, County Contract for Audit Services, Business Advancement Team, Office of Animal Services
May 11, 2020 Fiscal Year 2021 Operating Budget: Department of Health and Human Services, Early Care and Education Initiative, et al. | Charter Limit | Solid Waste Service Charge | Water Quality Protection Charge | Comprehensive School Safety Initiative Grant
May 4, 2020 Fiscal Year 2021 Operating Budget, Montgomery County Public Schools’ FY21-26 Capital Improvements Program, Collective Bargaining Agreements, Office of Labor Relations, Business Advancement Team
Apr 28, 2020 Fiscal Year 2021 Operating Budget, Fiscal Years 2021-26 Capital Improvements Program, Housing Stabilization and Rental Assistance
Apr 20, 2020 Fiscal Year 2021 Operating Budget, Fiscal Years 2021-26 Capital Improvements Program, Public Health Emergency Grant Program, Rent Stabilization During Covid-19 Emergency, Face Coverings and Personal Protective Equipment, Rental Assistance, Semi-Annual Report of the
County Planning Board
Apr 13, 2020 Public Health Emergency Grant Program, Coronavirus COVID-19 Update, Rent Stabilization, Suspension of Carryout Bag Tax
Mar 30, 2020 Coronavirus COVID-19 Update, Public Health Emergency Grant Program, Vape-Free Montgomery, Bicycle Registration, Forest Glen/Montgomery Hills Sector Plan
Mar 24, 2020 Coronavirus Briefing, Workplace Harassment, Public Rights-of-Way, Resolution to Support Community Reinvestment Act
Mar 09, 2020 Public Land for Affordable Housing, FY21-26 Capital Improvements Program, Vape Shops, Bicycle Registration, State Transportation Priorities, External Audit, I-270 and I-495 P3 Project, Local Business Preference Program, Retiree Health Benefits, Public Right-of-Way
Mar 02, 2020 Bicycles and E-Scooters, Local Business Child Care Grant Program, Energy and Environmental Design Tax Credit, Community Policing, FY21-26 Capital Improvements Program, Coronavirus Preparedness, Solar Collection System Standards, Office of Grants Management
Feb 24, 2020 Release of Balloons, Interagency Commission on Homelessness, Local Small Business Reserve Program and Direct Purchase Enhancement Act, Tree Canopy Fees, 2020 U.S. Census, FY21-26 Capital Improvements Program, Community Policing, Germantown Plan for the Town Sector Zone
Feb 10, 2020 Black History Month, Bicycle Registration, Capital Improvements Program, Compensation for Members of Boards, Committees and Commissions, Interagency Commission on Homelessness, Rent Subsidy Programs, Affordable Housing Acquisition and Preservation, Bicycle-Pedestrian Priority Area Improvements
Feb 3, 2020 Resolution Condemning Supreme Court Public Charge Decision, Duty of Fair Representation, Spending Affordability Guidelines, Prohibited Roof Signs, Germantown Plan for the Town Sector Zone, Community Grants, Bodywork Establishments, Police Training, Adult English Literacy, General Plan, Local Small Business Reserve Program, Economic Development Platform
Jan 27, 2020 Vision Zero Plan on Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety, Accessory Structures, Spending Affordability Guidelines for the Operating Budget, Community Grants, Forest Glen/Montgomery Hills Sector Plan
Jan 20, 2020 Bicycle Registration, Air Conditioning in Rental Housing, Inspector General, Community Policing, Boards, Committees and Commissions, Tree Canopy Fees, Solar Collection Systems, Gang Prevention Services, Telecommunication Towers
Jan 13, 2020 Bodyworks Establishments, Tenant Relocation Expenses, Prohibited Roof Signs, Office of Grants Management, Economic Development Assistance, Public Right-of-Way, Local Small Business Reserve Program and Purchase Enhancement Act, Inspector General Staff, Forest Glen/Montgomery Hills Sector Plan, Housing Impact Fairness Act, Duty of Fair Representation
Dec 9, 2019 Great Seneca Science Corridor, Tree Canopy Fees, Update on County Revenues, Compensation Cost Trends, Ballfield Renovations & Maintenance, OLO Report on Performance and Opportunity Gaps in Education & Public Education Fund
Dec 2, 2019 Economic Development Fund Assistance, Obstruction of Public Rights-of-Way, Local Small Business Preserve Program and Direct Purchase Investment Act, Inspector General Staff, Policing Advisory Commission, Transportation Demand Management, Bicycle Parking, Duty of Fair Representation, Housing Impact Fairness Act
Nov 25, 2019 Grants Management, Roof Signs in Metro Station Policy Areas, Vape-Free Montgomery, E-Cigarettes, Forest Glen/Montgomery Hills Sector Plan, School Health Staffing, Summer Food Security for Youth
Nov 18, 2019 Council’s Economic Development Platform, Racial Equity and Social Justice Act, Duty of Fair Representation, OLO Report on Common Ownership Communities, Refugee Resettlement, Inspector General’s School Bus Camera Report
Nov 11, 2019 Council’s Economic Development Platform, Racial Equity and Social Justice Act, Forest Glen/Montgomery Hills Sector Plan, Accessible Transportation for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities, Refugee Resettlement, “Six Triple Eight” Congressional Golden Medal Act of 2019
Nov 4, 2019 Vape-Free Montgomery, Minimum Work Week for Building Maintenance Workers, CROWN Act Natural Hairstyles, Racial Equity and Social Justice Act, Affordable Housing Targets, Wheaton Community Recreation Center, Housing Initiative Fund, Transportation Demand Management
Oct 28, 2019 Racial Equity and Social Justice Act, Air Conditioning in Rental Units, CROWN Act Natural Hairstyles, Policing Advisory Commission, Regional Affordable Housing Targets, Update from County Health Officer, WSSC Spending Control Limits, County Dental Services
Oct 21, 2019 Bicycle Master Plan, Semi-Annual Report of the Planning Board, Quarterly Economic Indicators, Schools Resource Equity Study, Community Grants, MC311 System Performance, Public Election Fund 
Oct 14, 2019 Community Policing, Housing Impact Fairness, Internal Audit, Local Business Preference Program, CROWN Act Natural Hair, Crime Statistics, Tenant Relocation Expenses, Missing Middle Housing Study, Property Tax Credit for Energy and Environment
Sep 30, 2019 Workforce Development, Flavored E-Cigarettes, Vape-Free Montgomery, Cybersecurity Investment Tax Credit, Minority-Owned Businesses, Telecommunications Towers, Spending Affordability Guidelines
Sep 23, 2019 Hispanic Heritage Month, Natural Hairstyles, Tobacco / E-Cigarettes, Accessory Apartments,
Tree House Child Advocacy Center, Air Conditioning in Rental Housing, Business Advisory Roundtable, Affordable Housing, Police Recruitment, Fire Department Training, Property Disposition, Internal Audits
Sep 16, 2019 Racial Equity and Social Justice, E-Cigarettes, Vape Shops, Local Business Preference Program, Rental Housing Licensing, Bond Authorization, Land Use and Racial Equity, Cybersecurity Investment Incentive, Accessory Apartments, Crime Prevention Initiatives, Affordable Housing, Radio Systems
July 22, 2019 Community-Police Relations, Accessory Apartments, Landscape Contractors, Foster Care, Purple Line Coalition Draft Housing Plan, Arts and Humanities, Transportation Services Improvement Fund, Non-Merit Salary Schedule, Property Tax Credit for Elderly and Retired Military, Reuse Analysis
July 15, 2019 Accessory Dwelling Units, Cybersecurity Tax Credit, Air Conditioning in Rental Housing, Retiree Health Benefits Trust, Tenant Relocation Expenses, Workforce Development, Licensing of Rental Housing, Bus Rapid Transit, Landscape Contractors, White Oak, Economic Impact Statements, Environmental Protection, Rent Subsidy Programs
July 8, 2019 Accessory Apartments, Policing Advisory Commission, Two-Year Budgeting, Landscape Contractors, Minority-Owned Businesses, Pesticide Use in Parks, High PAH Sealants, MCPS Special Education Services, County’s Economic Indicators and Fiscal Policy
June 24, 2019 Economic Development Strategy, Planning Board Appointments, LandlordTenant Relations, Tax Credit for Elderly Individuals and Retired Military, Gude Landfill Remediation, Stormwater Management Bonds, Tenant Health and Safety
June 17, 2019 Policing Advisory Commission, Minority Owned Businesses, Gude Landfill Remediation, Stormwater Management, Relocation Expenses for Tenants, Workforce Development & Public Safety Communications Towers
June 10, 2019 Racial Equity Profile for Montgomery County and Update on Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative, Interviews for Planning Board, Tenant Health and Safety, and Sealants and Stormwater Management
May 13, 2019 FY20 Recommended Operating Budget, Capital Improvements Program, Animal Boarding and Care, Collective Bargaining, Revenues and Expenditures, Community Grants, Property Tax Options
May 6, 2019 FY20 Recommended Operating Budget, Economic Impact Statements, Internal Audit, Minimum Work Week for Building Maintenance Workers, Dispositions, Health Regulation on Lead in Drinking Water in Schools, Clean Energy Program (CPACE), Equal Pay, Law Enforcement Trust and Transparency
Apr 29, 2019 MARC Rail Sector Plan, Compensation and Benefits, Union Contracts, FY20 Recommended Operating Budget, and Hearing Examiner’s Report & Recommendation for Local Map Amendment H-129 for 9920 Georgia Ave. & 2106 Belvedere Blvd. in Silver Spring
Apr 22, 2019 Veirs Mill Master Plan, Compensation and Benefits, Two-Generational Approach to Poverty in Immigrant Communities, FY20 Recommended Operating Budget
Apr 8, 2019 FY20 Recommended Operating Budget Overview, Animal Boarding and Care, Dockless E-Scooter Pilot Program and Committee Budget Meetings
Apr 1, 2019 Retiree Health Benefits Trust, Corrective Map Amendment to Takoma Park Master Plan, Planning Board’s Semi-Annual Report, Code Enforcement, Lead in Drinking Water in Schools, Business Incubators, Accessory Apartments and Equal Pay 
Mar 25, 2019 Veirs Mill Corridor Master Plan, Vision Zero, Public Campaign Financing, Equal Pay, Law Enforcement Trust and Transparency, Tenant Health and Safety, Clean Energy and MARC Rail Communities Plan
Mar 18, 2019 Capital Improvements Program, Medical and Dental Clinics, MARC Rail Sector Plan, Police Department Outreach Unit, Fire and Rescue Operations & Audit Issues
Mar 11, 2019 Capital Improvements Program, Medical and Dental Clinics, MARC Rail Sector Plan, Police Department Outreach Unit, Fire and Rescue Operations & Audit Issues
Mar 4, 2019 Equal Pay, Affordable Housing, Renters’ Rights, Clean Energy, Outdoor Smoking Areas, Workforce Development, Non-Merit Positions, Office Involved Deaths, Medical and Dental Clinics, Veirs Mill Corridor Master Plan, School Safety and Security, MCPS Child Abuse and Neglect Policy
February 25, 2019 Black History Month Commemoration, Health Regulation on Lead in Drinking Water, Accessory Apartments, Veirs Mill Corridor Master Plan and Inspector General Nominating Pane
February 11, 2019 Spending Affordability Guidelines, Farm Alcohol Production, MARC Rail Communities Sector Plan, Troubled Properties, Montgomery Coalition for Adult Literacy, MCPS Choice, CIP Amendments, Transportation Demand Management Plan, Two-Generation Approach to Poverty
February 4, 2019 Spending Affordability Guidelines, Lead Limits on Drinking Water in Schools, New Home Warranty and Builder Licensing, Short-term Rentals, Estate Sales, Animal Boarding, Fences, Mall Height Limits, Capital Budget and Amendments to CIP, Outdoor Smoking, Food Security, Public Health, Farm Alcohol Production, Small-Scale Manufacturing, Maryland Electronic Courts
January 28, 2019 FY19 Budget Savings Plan, Veirs Mill Corridor Master Plan, Estate Sales, Mall Height Limits, Fences, Street Tree Preservation, Spending Affordability Guidelines
January 21, 2019 Remembrance and Reconciliation Commission, FY19 Budget Savings Plan, Fiscal Plan and Expenditures, Spending Affordability Guidelines, Capital Budget and CIP, Residents with Developmental Differences Work Group, Evictions
January 14, 2019 Accessory Apartments, Officer Involved Shootings, Fence Setbacks, Medical and Dental Clinics, Inspector General Report on Misappropriation of Economic Development Funds, FY19 Budget Savings Plan, New Home Warranty and Builder Licensing, Short-Term Rentals, Emergency Communications Center
December 3, 2018 Election of Council President and Vice President, State Legislative Program, Domestic Violence Council Membership, Short-Term Rental Licenses & Transportation Demand Management
November 26, 2018 Bicycle Master Plan, Retrospective on the 18th Council and Report of the County’s Work Group on Meeting the Needs of Residents with Developmental Differences
November 12, 2018 Pedestrian Safety, Compensation Cost Trends, Homestay Rental License Appeals, Environmental Sustainability and Special Appropriations for M-NCPPC
October 29, 2018 Zoning for Cell Towers, Early Childcare & Education, Funding for Park & Planning Projects & Outdoor Smoking
October 22, 2018 WMATA Update, Fire & Rescue Service Savings Plan, Zoning for Cell Towers, Climate Mobilization Report & Community Grants 
October 15, 2018 Labor Peace Agreements, Transportation Service Improvement Fund, Bicycle Master Plan, Colocation Study, Planning Board’s Semi-Annual Report and Fire and Rescue Savings Actions
October 8, 2018 Hispanic Heritage Commemoration, Affordable Housing, Accessory Apartments, Cellular Antennas, Forest Conservation, Climate Mobilization Report & Community Grants
October 1, 2018 Farm Alcohol Production, Ten-Year Water Supply and Sewerage System Plan, Accessibility Tax Credit, Solar Collection Systems, Landscape Contractors, Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Clean Energy Program, Recordation Tax Rates, County Minimum Wage, Smoking in Outdoor Service Areas, WSSC Spending Control Limits, Bond Authorization, Bicycle Master Plan
September 24, 2018 Suicide Prevention in Corrections, Racial Equity, Cell Towers, School Bus Safety Cameras, Moderately Priced Housing, Accessory Apartment, Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Pedestrian Safety
September 17, 2018 Accessibility Assistance for Nonprofit Organizations, New Home Warranties, Climate Policy, Farm Alcohol Production Standards, Bicycle Master Plan and Moderately Priced Housing
September 10, 2018 Beltway & I-270 Managed Lanes Study, Ten-Year Water and Sewer Plan, Moderately Priced Housing, Accessory Housing, Solar Power
July 23, 2018 Proposed Charter Amendments, Moderately Priced Housing, Telecommunications Towers, Accessibility Tax Credit and Master Plan of Highways
July 16, 2018 Proposed Charter Amendments, Moderately Priced Housing, Solar Collection Systems, Landscape Contractors & Accessory Apartments
July 9, 2018 Montgomery College RISE Zone, Charter Review Commission, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Bicycle Master Plan, Labor Peace Agreements, Police Internal Affairs Investigation Process & More
June 18, 2018 Stormwater Management, Zoning Changes for Affordable Housing, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Property Tax Credit for Seniors & Retired Military Services Members, Human Trafficking & Green Jobs Apprenticeship Program
June 11, 2018 Charter Review Commission Report, Green Jobs Apprenticeship Program, Property Tax Credit – Elderly Individuals and Retired Military
May 21, 2018 Final vote on County’s operating and capital budgets, zoning changes for Signature Business Headquarters and special appropriation for legal representation
May 14, 2018 County’s Operating Budget, Human Trafficking Prevention, Solar Collection Systems, Telecommunications Towers, Farm Alcohol Production and Use Standards and Regulatory Approvals for Signature Business Headquarters
May 7, 2018 County Operating Budget & Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
April 30, 2018 Property Tax Credit for Seniors and Retired Military Service Members, Transportation Mitigation Credits, Compensation and Benefits, Collective Bargaining Agreements and County Operating Budget
April 23, 2018 Council Proclamation for Olympic Gold Medalist Haley Skarupa , County’s Operating Budget, Equity Policy for County Government and “The Year of the Anacostia”
April 16, 2018 County's Operating Budget, Legal Representation for Residents Detained for Deportation Proceedings, Green Jobs Apprenticeship Program & County Government Equity Policy
April 9, 2018 Resolution Opposing Citizenship Question on 2020 Census, Regulatory Changes to Farm Alcohol Production, Pre-K and Child Care Programs and Public Hearings on County’s Operating Budget Policies
April 2, 2018 County Capital Budget for Montgomery County Public Schools and Montgomery College, Transportation Services Fund, Water Quality Protection Charge Appeals, and Briefing on Workplace Harassment Training and Policies
March 12, 2018 County Capital Budget, Child Care, Storm Drainage, Food Security and Moderately Priced Housing
March 5, 2018 County Capital Budget, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Labor Peace Agreements, County Communications Infrastructure in Roadways and Ten-Year Water and Sewer Plan
February 23, 2018 County Capital Budget, Resolution Supporting Public Employee Unions, Black History Month Commemoration & Ten-Year Water Supply & Sewerage Plan
February 12, 2018 County Capital Budget, Solar Collection System Standards, Small Cell Tower Antennas and Spending Affordability Guidelines for FY19
February 5, 2018 County Capital Budget, Water Quality Protection Charge, Financial Disclosure & Lobbying, Development Impact Taxes, Public Takings & White Flint 2 Parklawn Overlay Zone
January 29, 2018 Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Savings Plan, Spending Affordability Guidelines, Roadway Solicitation and WSSC Rates
January 22, 2018 Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Savings Plan, Prescription Drug Affordability, Childcare Programs, Out of School Time, Spending Affordability Guidelines, Local Small Business Reserve Program and Vision Zero
January 15, 2018 Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Savings Plan, Resolution on Affordable Prescriptions. Factors Driving the Cost of Government, Energized Public Spaces Functional Master Plan, Development Impact Taxes, and Wheaton Redevelopment Update
December 4, 2017 Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Area Minor Master Plan, White Flint 2 Sector Plan, Antennas on Existing Structures, Regulations for Swimming Pools, Payments for Service Providers and Montgomery College Workforce Development
Nov 27, 2017 County Health Update, Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Area Minor Master Plan, Update on the Maryland Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, Gang Prevention, Zoning Changes for Brewing and Distilling, Antennas, and Bed and Breakfasts
Nov 14, 2017 Useful InformationWeek of November 13, 2017
Nov 6, 2017 Minimum Wage, Human Trafficking, Services for East County, Performance Animals, White Flint 2 Sector Plan, and Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Area Minor Master Plan
Oct 30, 2017 Development Impact Taxes, Affordable Housing, Payments to Service Providers,Swimming Pool Lifeguards, Burial Sites, Country Inn Standards and More
Oct 23, 2017 White Flint 2 Sector Plan, Impact Assistance Fund, Burial Sites, and Public Hearing on Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Area Minor Master Plan Amendment
Oct 16, 2017 Gun Violence, Security Improvement Grants, Burial Sites, Student Loan Refinancing and Substance Abuse Prevention
Oct 9, 2017 Minimum Wage, Bed and Breakfast Regulations, White Flint 2 Sector Plan, Satellite Dishes, and Ripley/Silver Spring South Overlay Zone
Oct 2, 2017 Public Campaign Financing, Capital Budget and Spending Affordability, Planning Board’s Semi-Annual Report, and Business Incentives
Sep 25, 2017 Brewing and Distilling, Short-term Rentals, Body Cameras, Purple Line Update and the Future of Transportation
Sep 18, 2017 Short-term Rentals, Green Construction, White Flint 2 Sector Plan & MCPS Fund Balance Update 
Sep 11, 2017 Safety Zone for Archery Hunters, Performance Animals, International Green Construction Code & Mental Health Court
July 24, 2017 Minimum Wage, Human Trafficking Prevention, Taxicab Licenses, Dog Parks, and Pubic Campaign Financing
July 17, 2017 Crime and Gang Activity, Head Start Expansion, Viva White Oak Update, Bethesda Overlay Zone, and Ripley/Silver Spring South Overlay Zone 
July 10, 2017 Public Campaign Financing, Bethesda Overlay Zone, Hotel Lifeguards, Rock Spring Master Plan, and Opioid Report
June 26, 2017 Fiscal Year 2018-2023 Fiscal Plan, Zoning Issues, Roadway Maintenance funding for Homeowners’ Associations, Leash-free Dog Parks, and Property Tax Credit for Retired Military Services Members
June 19, 2017 Innovation Economy, South County Recreation and Aquatic Center, and Landlord-Tenant Relations
June 12, 2017 Short-term Rentals, Bus Rapid Transit on Veirs Mill Road, South County Regional Recreation and Aquatic Center, Energy Efficiency, and Taxicab Licenses 
May 15, 2017 Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Park and Planning, Montgomery County Public Schools, Bus Rapid Transit, Fuel-Energy Tax Exemption, Resolution on Environmental, Social and Governance Investment Policy Guidelines and Fossil Fuel Company Investments, and More 
May 8, 2017 Montgomery College, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Health and Human Services, Transportation, and Bus Rapid Transit
May 1, 2017 Property Tax Credit for Retired Military Service Members, Off-Street Parking,Parking Lot Districts, Housing and Building Maintenance, and Business Services Center
April 24, 2017 Compensation and Benefits, Collective Bargaining Agreements, and Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan
April 17, 2017 FY18 Operating Budget Overview, Healthy Vending Standards, Housing and Building Maintenance Standards, and Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan
April 3, 2017 BethesdaPublic Information Act, Business Services, Fuel-Energy Tax Exemption & Semi-annual Report
March 27, 2017 Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan, Housing and Building Maintenance Standards, and Healthy Vending Machine Standards
March 20, 2017 School Bus Cameras, Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan, and Montgomery College
March 13, 2017 School Bus Cameras, Future of Transportation, Prekindergarten Programs and Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan
March 6, 2017 Economic Development Fund for Small Business Assistance, Property Tax Credit for Certain Seniors and Veterans, and Urban Agricultural Tax Credit
Feb 27, 2017 Healthy Vending Machine Standards, Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan, and CIP Amendments for Transportation Projects
Feb 14, 2017 Black History Month, Preventing Hate Crimes and Extremism, Spending Affordability, and Final Internal Audit Report on Silver Spring Explosion and Fire at the Flower Branch Apartments
Jan 30, 2017 Zoning Changes for Historic Buildings, Spending Affordability Guidelines, School Construction Costs, and Fossil Fuel Investment Restrictions 
Jan 23, 2017 Victim Services, Public Historic Buildings, Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan & White Oak Redevelopment
Jan 16, 2017 Minimum Wage, Greater Lyttonsville Sector Plan, Youth Workforce Development and Property Tax Credit for Seniors and Veterans
  2016 Coming Attractions Archive
Dec 13, 2016 Housing Code Enforcement, Fiscal Plan Update, Microlending Program & Snow Removal
Dec 6, 2016 Election of Council Officers, Safe Routes to School and Zoning Changes
Nov 29, 2016 Landlord-Tenant Obligations, Montgomery County Economic Development, Corporation and WorkSource Montgomery and Zoning Changes
Nov 15, 2016 Subdivision Staging Policy, Development Impact Taxes, Snow Removal, Road Setbacks and Design, and Composting
Nov 7, 2016 Subdivision Staging Policy, Development Impact Taxes, Signs on Buildings and Westbard Sectional Map Amendment
Nov 1, 2016 Parental Leave, Food Allergy Awareness Training, Subdivision Staging Policy and Development Impact Taxes
Oct 24, 2016 Fossil Fuel Divestment, Grants Process, Subdivision Staging Policy & Development Impact Tax
Oct 17, 2016 Property Tax Credit for Seniors and Veterans, Fair Housing, Sick & Safe Leave & Food Allergy Awareness Training
Oct 10, 2016 Mental Health Court, Community Grants Process, Family Leave Policies for County Government & Subdivision Staging Policy
Oct 3, 2016 Land Use Resource Officer, Efforts to Reduce Class Size and Close Achievement Gap & Update from County Health Officer
Sep 26, 2016 Greater Lyttonsville Sector Plan, Briefing on Flower Branch Apartment Explosion and Fire & Subdivision Staging Policy
Sep 16, 2016 Property Foreclosures, Fire Code Changes and Paid Family & Medical Leave Study
Sep 9, 2016 Subdivision Regulation Rewrite, Zoning Changes, Open Data and Technology Update & Landlord-Tenant Obligations
August 2, 2016 911 System Interruption, Charter Amendments, Parental Leave, and Zoning Changes
July 12, 2016 Food Trucks in the Agricultural Reserve, Taxes in Local Jurisdictions and Artificial Turf 
June 28, 2016 County’s Fiscal Plan, Water Quality, Composting, Earned Sick and Safe Leave  
June 21, 2016 Collective Bargaining, Neighborhood Action Teams, Signs along County Roads and Minimum Wage