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Retrieve Your Permit

Once a request has been processed and full payment received by CUPF, permits will be made available in the following manner:

  • If the request was submitted via PAPER FORM - the user group will receive an email with a link to pick up the permit. Groups should print their permits.
  • If the request was submitted ONLINE - the user group will receive an email notification advising that the request has been processed and payment is due immediately. Once payment has been made, they may view and print their permit from their web use account.

CUPF is not responsible for undelivered emails.  We respond to all requests.  If you haven’t received an email you were expecting, please contact us.


Review Permit for Accuracy

Upon receipt of a permit issued, please compare what was scheduled with your application to ensure that it is accurate. If there are any questions or concerns, user groups should contact CUPF immediately.


Modification and Cancellation Policies

A modification to an existing permit is considered an adjustment/cancellation. A modification includes canceling some or all of the permitted use, adding or changing date(s), canceling or adding to all or a portion of the original time requested, requesting a refund/credit or requesting additional services.

  • Requests to cancel or modify a permit must be in writing (may submit via online access account; an email is accepted for paper/mail-in requests)
  • Maximize your credit by giving as much notice as possible
  • Standard Use: 10 business days prior to date of scheduled use
  • Special Events: 45 calendar days prior to date of scheduled use
  • fee is always incurred for all adjustments and/or cancellations
  • Detailed cancellation policies are posted on CUPF website


Attention User Groups Submitting Requests Online

You must cancel permits that you do not wish to accept by amending your original request online. Email CUPF should you notice any errors or have other concerns about your permit. OTHERWISE ALL CHARGES WILL REMAIN AS AN OUTSTANDING BALANCE ON YOUR ACCOUNT. A cancellation fee will apply, including cancellations as a result of non-payment.

Web access is conditional upon making timely payments. If payment is not received in full within 24 hours from the time in which email notification was sent by our office, the permit(s) in question will be subject to immediate cancellation without further notice. Once permits are cancelled for non-payment, a $25 cancellation fee will be applied and your online web use account will be closed.

Your online account is internet based and the status of your request can be checked at any time.


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