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Energy and Air Quality Advisory Committee

The Energy and Air Quality Advisory Committee (EAQAC) is charged with advising the Montgomery County Executive and Council on issues related to energy and air quality. EAQAC was established by Montgomery County Code Chapter 18A-5.  The Committee is comprised of 15 County residents appointed by the County Executive and approved by the County Council.

The Committee has the following duties:

  • Advise the County Executive and the County Council on energy and air quality issues

  • Develop recommendations to promote and implement immediate and long-range energy and air quality consciousness in all segments of the community

  • Comment on or assist in developing programs to meet energy standards and to promote healthy indoor and outdoor air quality

  • Identify areas and methods to encourage voluntary participation in energy conservation efforts and air quality improvements

  • Educate the public and private sectors about the efficient use of energy and its direct benefits for improved air quality

  • Carry out duties assigned from time to time by the County Executive and the County Council.


EAQAC generally meets on the first Wednesday of every month, from 7-9 p.m., at the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection offices (255 Rockville Pike, Suite 120, Rockville, MD 20850).

EAQAC meetings are open to the public.  Meetings may be postponed due to holidays, weather, or other factors, so please contact DEP to determine if the Committee is meeting at the designated time and place.


Recent Notes

July 2015 (PDF, 183KB)
June 2015 (PDF, 171KB)
May 2015 (PDF, 349KB)
April 2015 (PDF, 368KB)
March 2015 (PDF, 105KB)
January 2015 (PDF, 115KB)
December 2014 (PDF, 213KB)
November 2014  (PDF, 127KB)
October 2014 (PDF, 117KB)


Older notes are available under EAQAC Documents.


  • Foroud Arsanjani
  • Frederic Booth
  • Sean Boyle
  • Christina England
  • Venu Ghanta
  • Robert D. Johnson (Chair)
  • David Kathan
  • Jamie Pierce
  • Miguel Romero
  • Linda Tsang
  • Kavita Vaidyanathan
  • Reuven Walder


EAQAC Documents


Archived Notes

Between 2013 and 2014, the EAQAC continued to meet, though notes are not available.  





Letters and Recommendations


Letter to County Executive Urging Radon Testing in Existing Homes (PDF, 64KB) 



Letters to County Executive Concerning Radon (PDF, 64KB) – Recommendations Concerning Prevention of Lung Cancer by Reducing Radon Exposure.

Letter to Council President Nancy Navarro (PDF, 63KB)- Recommendations Concerning Prevention of Lung Cancer by Reducing Radon Exposure.

Letter to Council Vice President Craig Rice (PDF, 64KB) – Recommendations Concerning Prevention of Lung Cancer by Reducing Radon Exposure.  



To Dr. Joshua Star, Superintendent, Montgomery County Public Schools (PDF, 28KB)

Letter to William Griffith, Chief of Fleet Services, Division of General Services (PDF, 27KB)

Testimony Regarding Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services Proposal to Adopt the 2012 International Residential and Energy Conservation Codes (PDF, 117KB)



Letter to Bob Hoyt, Director of the Department of Environmental Protection, IECC 202  ;PDF, 509KB)

Residential Rebate Program and Comments (PDF, 23KB)

Letter Smartway (PDF, 43K​B)

Radon Awareness Month Proclamation January 2011: Video of Proclamation    

Proclamation for Radon Awareness Month and Press Release



Green households: Efforts by EAQAC Members (PDF, 86K​B)

Letter on Green House Gas Goals (PDF, 67K​B)

Comments on County Sustainability Audit (PDF, 29K​B)

Comments on Home Energy Loan Program (PDF, 143K​B)

Letter on Energy Block Grants (PDF, 22KB)

2009 EAQAC Annual Report to County Executive (PDF, 18KB)



Comments on the Home Energy Loan Program (PDF, 272K​B)

Follow Up Letter on Anti Idling Efforts (PDF, 108K​B)

Letter on Non-Road Diesel Engines (PDF, 882K​B)

Letter on County Anti-Idling Efforts (PDF, 39K​B)