Recreation Facility Modernization


This project provides for a comprehensive plan and renovation of recreational facilities to protect the County's investment in recreation facilities and to sustain efficient and reliable facility operations. Improvements that may be provided from this project include mechanical/plumbing equipment, code compliance, ADA compliance, lighting system replacements, building structural and exterior envelope refurbishment, and reconstruction or reconfiguration of interior building or exterior site amenities. This project also includes developing a plan to address the renovation needs of each facility listed below based on their age and condition. The plan will include a Program of Requirements, scope of work and cost estimates. Current appropriations will be used to support Program of Requirements development for the following facilities: Schweinhaut Senior Center, MLK Aquatic Center, Clara Barton Neighborhood Recreation Center, Upper County Community Recreation Center, and Bauer Drive Community Recreation Center

Current project(s)

Martin Luther King Swim Center – Program of Requirement (POR) Development

Project Location: 1201 Jackson Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20904

Project Status

Currently the AE is conducting the visual survey and investigation of the approximate 19,074SF of the facility so the Facility Assessment and Condition Report can be created which will be the bases for the development of the POR.


Project Images