Clarksburg Sewer-Historic Area

Show the project location in google map On Frederick Road north of Clarksburg Road
Clarksburg, MD 20871

Picture of the Clarksburg Sewer

Funding/Expenditure Schedule: APPROVED

Project Team


Hughes Group Architects
22630 Davis Drive, Suite 175
Sterling VA 20164
Engineering //Environmental Sciences//Surveying//
2 Research Place, Suite 100
Rockville, MD 20850

Montgomery County Government

Department of General Services

Project Manager

Rouben Ghazarian, P.E.

Section Chief

Don Scheuerman

Current Phase:

Phase A completed

  • Groundbreaking: November 1, 2018
  • Start of Construction: April 4, 2019
  • Construction Completed: Fall 2019

Phase B

  • The NTP was issued.
  • DOT has awarded the sewer Part B contract to the lowest bidder and NTP for Construction has been issued.

Phase C

  • Currently under construction and should be completed prior to the end of the year.

The Clarksburg Sewer Historic Area project site is located in Clarksburg, Maryland. The proposed sanitary sewer main will be located on MD Rte-355 Frederick Road, MD Rte-121 Clarksburg Road, and Spire Street between MD Rte-355 and MD Rte-121 in Clarksburg Historic Area.

The work includes extending public sewer from the future WSSC Pump Station located on Clarksburg Road (MD121) to serve the Clarksburg Historic District and the new Clarksburg Fire Station #35 to be located on Frederick Road (MD355) north of Clarksburg Road (MD121). The public sewer extension includes providing sewer service connections to existing lots within the public right-of-way that currently utilize septic fields within the Clarksburg Historic District.

Clarksburg Sewer Project Groundbreaking Photos