Northern County Community Recreation, Aquatics, Senior and Child Care Centers

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OKKS Studios, Inc (a subsidiary of DELTA)
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Montgomery County Government
Department of General Services
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Don Scheuerman
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Project Manager
Rouben Ghazarian
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Current Phase: Program of Requirements (POR) Development

On 5/23/2017 the Final Draft of POR was submitted and distributed for review comments. A public meeting was held at Rocky Hill Middle School on July 12, 2016. The outcome of this meeting is available in the Community Meetings tab..

Northern County Community Recreation, and Aquatics, Senior and Child Care Centers

The facility will provide all program and support space needs for the Regional Recreation Center in the general vicinity of Clarksburg, MD. The development shall be a multi-use structure that integrates the functions of a Recreation Center, Senior Center, Aquatics and Child Care into one facility. The Recreation and Senior Center consists of a gymnasium, exercise room, multipurpose rooms, flex courts, lockers and restrooms, social hall, kitchen, senior lounge, vending, administrative offices with conference and consultation rooms, and storage space. The Recreation and Senior Center shall include site development for exterior recreation and playground facilities.

The Aquatics Center consists of an indoor aquatic facility as well as an exterior splash park that serves swimmers of all ages and abilities. The natatorium shall include a leisure pool, a 25yd x 50m competition pool movable bulkheads, diving pool and diving tower with 1m and 3m diving boards, and a 1m, 3m, 5m, 7.5m and 10m diving platform and hydrotherapy pools. In addition, a leisure pool designed to meet instructional requirements, deck level slides, elevated slides, and fountains. Water slides shall convey swimmers from elevated levels and terminate in a splash pool area of the leisure pool. U.S. swimming and diving competition requirements shall be met

The Childcare Center consists of classrooms for infants and toddlers, space for before and aftercare child activities, administrative and teacher spaces. The Childcare Center shall include site development to accommodate exterior recreation and playground facilities specific for the Childcare Center

Community Presentations and Meetings:

A public meeting was held at Rocky Hill Middle School on July 12, 2016.

North County Region Community Recreation Aquatics Center Planning

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