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Department of General Services, Division of Building Design and Construction

Multi-Agency Service Park (MASP) & Public Safety Training Academy (PSTA)

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Show the project location in google map8701 Snouffer School Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

MASP & PSTA - Overall Site Map

Funding/Expenditure Schedule


Project Team

Baker and Associates
3601 Eisenhower Ave. 6th Floor
Alexandria, VA 22304
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Montgomery County Government
Department of General Services

Office of Special Projects
Hamid Omidvar, AIA, Chief
Project Manager
Rassa Davoodpour
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The Montgomery County Multi Agency Service Park (MASP) & Public Safety Training Academy (PSTA) includes 4 projects:

Current Phase:

  • Site master plan was completed
  • Mandatory referral was appraised: 01/06/2011
  • Project 1: Construction Completed
  • Project 2: Construction Completed
  • Project 3: Under Construction
  • Project 4: Under Design-Build

Project Status and Schedule:

Please visit individual projects for more information.


Smart Growth Initiative:

As part of the overall economic growth of the county and in response to the need for renovation of old, aged county- owned facilities, the County Executive has created a comprehensive program called the Smart Growth Initiative.

A number of County Facilities are part of this initiative including but not limited to Montgomery County Multi Agency Service Park (MASP) and Public Safety Training Academy (PSTA), a 131.5 acre parcel located on 8701 Snouffer School Road between Woodfield Road and Goshen Road in Montgomery County, Maryland. To the north lies the site of a Federal installation associated with the former Nike Missile Silo site, and further north and east are residential neighborhoods. The east side of the site adjoins Green Farm Park, a large conservation area. To the south lies Cabin Branch Stream Valley Park, a 400 foot wide stretch of parkland. Across this parkland to the south lies the Cessna Avenue Industrial Park containing the Montgomery County Airpark.

To the west lies Snouffer School Road and west of that lies the Hunter's Wood residential neighborhood, one of the east neighborhoods of Montgomery Village. The site is about as wide as it is deep, with a stream valley bisecting it into east and west sides. A stream runs from the northeast corner to the southwest as the ground falls about 60 feet in elevation. The stream valley is circumscribed by a protection buffer (Stream Valley Zone).

Montgomery County initiated development of a master site plan to ensure compliance with operational program needs of site using agencies as well as considering neighborhood an environmenatly friendly project.

The Montgomery County Multi Agency Service Park & PSTA is designed to be Context Sensitive; that is to say, it is designed to be a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Our working definition of Context Sensitive is that the campus should be attractive from the fronts, and screened and enclosed from the rear, such that vehicles are parked out of sight. It should also exhibit "best practices" streetscape design and mitigate noise generated on site. The campus area must be reforested to grow and complete the Environmental Conservation areas and help manage the storm water that falls on the site. And perhaps most importantly, the design must leave the site far more attractive, more environmentally sustainable, and a better neighbor than when we found it.


The Montgomery County Multi Agency Service Park is also designed to be Sustainable. By County ordinance, the campus must meet a LEED "Silver" rating. The design is conceived to make sustainability not only a matter of achieving a point total, but making it an integral and seamless part of the buildings and landscape, and to have the idea of sustainability project the most significant and signature motifs of the buildings and landscape.

Community Involvement:

The County has been meeting with the representatives of various community organizations, as well as the community at large, throughout the past two years. Public forums were arranged by DGS and Consultants as a means to keep the local community informed on design progress and elicit their comments.

Links of Interest:

Smart Growth Initiative

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East Side Plan

East Side Plan

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West Side Plan

EaWestst Side Plan

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East Side Floor Plans

East Side Floor Plans

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West Side Floor Plans

Westst Side Floor Plans

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