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Information for Homeowners and Common Ownership Communities

Temporary Protection From Foreclosure

The vast majority of mortgage loans are owned by HUD-FHA, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, and VA, which are offering some protections during this time. Each recommends that homeowners having difficulty paying their mortgage during the Coronavirus pandemic contact their mortgage service provider (the company where you send your monthly payments). By reaching out, you can discuss your situation and explore options. For more information, click on the guidance offered by each: 

Homeowners having difficulty paying their mortgage are welcome to access free housing counseling services from Fannie Mae or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development:

Homeowners who rent to tenants 

Homeowners who rent to tenants are prohibited from issuing rent increase notices of more than 1.4%  beginning February 5, 2021 and for 90 days after the COVID-19 emergency ends.  All rent increase notices are capped at increases no greater than the Voluntary Rent Guideline under the COVID Rent Relief Act of 2020. The County’s Voluntary Rent Guideline for 2021 is 1.4%. Prior to February 5, a notice of rent increase during the COVID-19 emergency was limited to 2.6%. A notice of rent increase provided at least 90 days in advance may take effect if it meets requirements. For more information, see the “Summary of COVID-19 Renter Relief Act”.

Information for Common Ownership Communities

Get Help - food, utilities, etc.

Information for Renters

Renters: Avoiding Eviction and Working with Landlords

Montgomery County offers tenants help in avoiding eviction. If you have concerns or are struggling to pay rent, reach out to us, or one of the support organizations listed at Renters to talk about your specific situation.

We can help you:

  • understand your rights and options (and how to use them);
  • tell you about resources that may be available to you;
  • offer support in navigating the challenges you face;
  • guide you in working with your landlord; and
  • help you respond to any eviction notice you might receive (and recognize there are different types of notices and you can only be evicted with a judgment by from the courts). Ideally, it’s best for you to get advice and begin to act on it well before your day in court.

Remember that rent remains due. Making rent payments, even partial payments, or entering into a repayment agreement with your landlord can help you maintain your home. If you are falling behind on your rent, reach out to your landlord to discuss options, such as partial payments or an agreement for future payments.

For more information, visit Renters: Avoiding Eviction and Working with Landlords

Information for Landlords

Landlords Working with Renters

To support landlords and tenants, Montgomery County has an initiative underway, with resources at montgomerycountymd.gov/renters to:

  • Help renters understand the Landlord Tenant court process in the context of their continuing obligations to make rent payments;
  • Encourage renters who are behind on their rent to apply for the COVID-19 Rent Relief Program and, contact their landlord to discuss possible payment arrangements; and,
  • Help renters understand resources available to assist them in working with their landlord to maintain their housing.

For more information, visit Landlord Issues Related to COVID-19 crisis 

Emergency benefits and supports

Get Help - Food, Utilities, Transportation, etc.

Resources for Vulnerable Populations in Maryland during the COVID-19 Response

Housing Stabilization Services

Housing Opportunities Commission – Rental Programs