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COVID-19 Updates

Vaccine and Priority Group Information

Transportation Services for
Older Adults & Persons with Disabilities

Senior/Disabled transportation options outreach - Zoom event on November 18, 2020. Watch the recording.

We are developing guidelines for transportation resources for individuals who must travel to receive testing or medical care.

Servicios de Transporte para Adultos Mayores de 50 años y Personas con Discapacidades .

A Commitment to you!

Montgomery County is committed to providing mobility for seniors and persons with disabilities.

We heard from you and we've made major changes to meet your needs better and make your travel more convenient. All of Ride On's buses are wheelchair accessible. The County's transit system is one of the best in the country. It consists of Ride On, Metrobus, Metrorail, and Special Transportation programs such as Call-n-Ride, Same Day Access, Medicaid Transportation, and MetroAccess.

RIDE ON Montgomery County Transit

Current Ride On status

All Ride On-branded bus routes and Ride On extRa routes are in service on a reduced basis. The on-demand Flex service and Flash service are operating normally.

See Ride On routes and schedules.  

Seniors and Persons with Disabilities ride free on Ride On and select Metro buses in Montgomery County at all times

  • Metrobus Routes included are:
    • C2, C4, C8, F4, J1, J2, K6, K9*, L8, Q1, Q2, Q4, Q5, Q6, T2, Y2, Y7, Y8, Z2, Z6, Z7, Z8 [*K9 service will be restored in September 2021]
  • Riders must show the bus operator one of the following
    • Senior SmarTrip Card
    • Reduced Fare SmarTrip Card (formerly Disabled card)
    • Medicare card with a current photo ID
  • Riders should "show" their identification and NOT tap the farebox

Learn more about

                   Need a ride to a COVID vaccination or testing site in Montgomery County?

Free Taxi Rides to COVID Vaccination & Testing Sites for Seniors (65+) and Disabled Persons

Taxicab companies operating in Montgomery County (Action, Anytime & Regency/Barwood) can provide roundtrip transportation to older adults and residents with disabilities to COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing locations at no cost to the rider.

MCDOT will reimburse taxi companies for the trips.

To Schedule a Trip:
• Call Connect-A-Ride at (301) 738-3252 and provide your name, address, phone number, age to receive a “Free COVID Taxi Code.”
• Call one of the Taxicab companies listed below and provide the following: – Your “Free COVID Taxi Code” – Name, phone number, trip information – date, time, origin and destination
• At the end of each trip, the rider signs a trip voucher.
• Drivers and riders must wear face coverings for the duration of the trip. Taxicab providers who are available to provide transportation to COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing locations:
• Action Taxi: (301) 840-1000 • Anytime Taxi (301) 637-9292
• Regency/Barwood Taxi: (301) 990-9000 or (301) 984-1900

Reimbursements will be the taxi meter rate fare for the trips to and from the COVID Vaccination and Testing locations

Flyer to Download

            ¿Necesita transporte para un centro de vacunas o pruebas de COVID en el Condado de Montgomery?

¡El Departamento de Transporte del Condado de Montgomery (MCDOT) está
ofreciendo transporte gratuito por taxi para vacunas y pruebas de COVID-19
para residentes de 65 años o mayores y residentes con discapacidades!

Las empresas de taxis operando en el Condado de Montgomery (Action, Anytime y
Regency/Barwood) pueden proveer transporte de ida y vuelta para adultos mayores y
residentes con discapacidades a los centros de vacunas y pruebas de COVID-19 sin
costo alguno al pasajero.

Los viajes serán reembolsados a las empresas de taxis por MCDOT.

Para programar un viaje:
• Llame a Connect-A-Ride al (301) 738-3252 y proporcione su nombre, domicilio,
número de teléfono, y edad para recibir un «Código de COVID para taxi gratuito».
• Llame a una de las empresas de taxis listadas a continuación y proporcione lo
– Su «Código de COVID para taxi gratuito»
– Nombre. número de teléfono, información del viaje, fecha, hora, origen y destino
• Al final de cada viaje, el pasajero firma un recibo del viaje.
• Los conductores y los pasajeros deben usar cubiertas faciales durante todo el viaje.
Los proveedores de taxis que están disponibles para ofrecer transporte a los centros
de vacunas y pruebas de COVID-19:
• Action Taxi: (301) 840-1000
• Anytime Taxi (301) 637-9292
• Regency/Barwood Taxi: (301) 990-9000 o (301) 984-1900

Los reembolsos serán el precio de la tarifa en el taxímetro para los viajes de ida y
vuelta a los centros de vacunas y pruebas de COVID-19.

Folleto para descargar

Connect-A-Ride (CAR)

Call 301-738-3252, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.|

  • CAR is a free information & referral service that helps adults over 50 and adults with disabilities find transportation for medical services, errands, social activities and more.
  • CAR links callers with public, private, and volunteer transportation services, including escorted transportation.
  • In addition, the program assists callers with their applications for transportation programs like Call-n-Ride and Metro Access. They also offer free workshops on how to use public transportation.
  • CAR is funded by Montgomery County Government and operated by Jewish Council for the Aging

Metro Access - Regional Paratransit Service

Metro Access

Current Metro Access status

MetroAccess is offering its regular weekday schedule to Metro Access certified customers.

  • Applications for new customers are being reviewed. Some customers may be presumed eligible while others may be given temporary eligibility until it is possible to resume functional assessments.

Complementing the transit system in the County, MetroAccess is a shared-ride, door-to-door, paratransit service for people whose disability prevents them from using bus or rail.

For more information

To apply for Metro Access service

Call-n-Ride (CNR) Program - 2019 National Association of Counties Achievement Award Winner


Current Call-n-Ride status

Call-n-Ride Essential Delivery Service is now available for your groceries or carry-out orders. See Essential Delivery Service details.

In accordance with the federal mandate, passengers are required to wear a mask while using taxi service.

This Montgomery County program provides subsidized taxi trips for low-income older adults and individuals with disabilities. The service helps transport participants to medical and/or personal appointments.

Place your Call-n-Ride order online

To be eligible for the Call-n-Ride Program, you must be

  • low income and at least 65 years of age, or
  • low income and 18-64 years of age with a disability.

This program is designed as a supplement to Montgomery County’s local transportation service. All trips must begin and end in Montgomery County. Special exceptions have been made to allow transportation to approved medical facilities in Designated Service Areas.

  • Participating companies include
  • Program participants can schedule trips by calling 301-948-5409.
    • For additional information, including how to apply for program participation, call Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m..


Subsidy assistance is provided on a sliding fee scale determined by total household income.

The income categories for family/household of one are as follows:

Yearly Income for Family of One Monthly Cost Per $60 Value
Up to $15,856 $5.25
$15,857 - $21,403 $10.00
$21,404 - $26,951 $20.00
$26,952 - $39,000 $30.00


Call-n-Ride Resources

  1. CNR Participants’ Guide
  2. CNR Participants’ Guide Overview
  3. CNR Application Form
  4. CNR Disability Form
  5. CNR Recertification Form
  6. Designated Service Areas (DSA) List


See our latest Call-n-Ride brochure

Download the Call-n-Ride brochure

Same Day Access (SDA) Program

This Montgomery County Transportation Program is part of the Call-n-Ride (CNR) program, designed to provide subsidized transportation service for certified MetroAccess participants who reside in Montgomery County.

Place your SDA order online

All Montgomery County Residents who have current MetroAccess Identification cards qualify to receive $60.00 value on their Call-n-Ride swipe card, when they pay $30.00.

All trips must begin and end in Montgomery County. Special exceptions have been made to allow transportation to approved medical facilities in Designated Service Areas.


Important Forms:

To become a new Same Day Access participant, you must first register. A completed application with supporting documentation is required in order to verify your eligibility.

  1. SDA Participants' Guide
  2. SDA Participants' Guide Overview
  3. SDA Application Form
  4. SDA Recertification Form
  5. Designated Service Areas (DSA) List

You can access Montgomery County’s CNR Swipe Card Participant Portal module by visiting: The Participant Swipe Card Web Portal is an internet interface that allows participants to manage their cards.  Participants can add value to their cards and also check account information.  Participants must register online before they can access their account over the internet.  Once registered, participants can view their balances, print statement, view transactions, manage profile, report a lost, stolen or damaged card, contact customer service, and/or make a payment.

For general information, application and recertification questions please call Call-n-Ride at 301-948-5409, Connect-A-Ride at 301-738-3252, or the MC 311 Call Center by dialing 311.

For all your Call-n-Ride Swipe Card issues, balance information, payment form, transaction issues, reporting a lost, stolen or damaged card, and ordering a new card please call CNR/ MJ Management at 1800-980-6564. Lost or stolen CNR swipe cards must be reported immediately by calling Call-n-Ride/MJ Management Services at 1-800-980-6564. Cards reported lost or stolen are immediately cancelled and deemed invalid by Call-n-Ride/MJ Management Services and any remaining balances on the lost or stolen card will be transferred to your replacement card. There is a $5 replacement fee for lost or stolen cards, payable to MJ Management Services, 6300 Blair Hill Lane, Suite 301 Baltimore Maryland 21209.

Translation Service: The CNR program recognizes the diversity of Montgomery County residents. To facilitate the CNR program services for Non-English speaking participants, a translation service has been established to assist with the scheduling of CNR trips with the taxicab companies’ dispatchers. This translation service can only be used to communicate with CNR staff.

To use the CNR translation service:

  • Dial 1– 866-998-0338
  • Enter Account # 15071
  • Enter Pin # 6101
  • Enter your Client ID (Your CNR ID #)

You will be connected to the next available Client Services Representative. Please provide your first & last name and state the language you need. You will be asked to hold, while you are being connected to an interpreter. Once connected, the interpreter can help you schedule your trips with the taxicab company dispatch or assist you in communicating with the Call-n-Ride staff.

The taxicab companies’ dispatch operators and CNR staff also have access to the translation service in order to assist you with trip scheduling or other CNR needs.

Medical Assistance Transportation Program

Information Line: 240-777-5890

Trip Scheduling Line: 240-777-5899

Fax: 240-777-5891



The Medical Assistance Transportation grant program provides transportation services for Medical Assistance recipients who reside in Montgomery County, and need transportation to access medically necessary services. This program provides “last resort” transportation for ambulatory, wheelchair and stretcher-bound recipients who have no other means of transportation available to get to and from medical appointments, or whose medical or physical needs prevent them from using such available transportation.

Scheduling Transportation Services

The Medicaid Transportation Office schedules transportation Monday – Friday, (except holidays), between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-12:00 noon.  The telephone number for scheduling transportation is: 240-777-5899. When calling, you will be asked a list of screening questions, to determine eligibility.  Transportation may be scheduled up to seven (7) days in advance. However, in order to guarantee next-day transportation service, your request must be made no later than 12:00 noon, on the working day  before transportation is required. (The office does not provide emergency transportation or “same day” service, with the exception of hospital discharges.)


This service is available to transport Montgomery County residents with eligible, non-restrictive Medical Assistance (Medicaid) to medical services that are covered by Medical Assistance, and for which there is no other means of transportation.

The Maryland State Department of Health requires medical certification for all recipients. The recipient must demonstrate that they have no other available transportation, or that they are physically unable to utilize other existing transportation services.

To be certified for participation in the program, each recipient must have their physician complete a Provider Certification form.

Frequently Used Forms

Volunteer Transportation

Senior Connection

Current Senior Connection status

During the health crisis, staff will prioritize critical needs.

Senior Connection offers rides and help getting groceries for County residents over age 60.

For more information about Senior Connection


Escorted Transportation

Escorted transportation is available for adults who qualify based on income and disability. Because of disability, customers must require the need for an escort throughout their trip.

Contact JCA's Connect-A-Ride program to apply for this program:

Lose an item on a Ride On bus? Contact our Lost & Found.

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