Renters’ Property Tax Relief Supplement (Bill 21-15)

The State of Maryland provides a Renters’ Tax Credit of up to $1,000 for renters who meet certain requirements, such as being 60 years of age or older, or under 60 with at least one dependent child, or being 100% disabled (click here for more information:).

For a direct link to the application for the State Renters’ Tax Credit, click here

In 2016 the County enacted a supplement (County Supplement) to the State Renters’ Tax Credit, and all renters who receive the State Renters’ Tax Credit will also receive the County Supplement. The County Supplement is equal to 50% of the State Renters’ Tax Credit. There is no application for the County Supplement—when a renter applies for the State Renters’ Tax Credit, the State will calculate their credit and then send that information to the County. The County will use that information to calculate the County Supplement and the renter will be sent a check from the County. There is no need to contact the County unless the renter received a check from the State but did not receive a check from the County within four months of receiving the check from the State.
This is a new program and we expect that the County Supplement checks will follow the State Renters’ Tax Credit checks by approximately two to three months.