Adult Foster Care

How to Apply

Call 240-777-3000 for an appointment to determine eligibility.

Documents To Bring

Income documentation

Eligibility Requirements

Adults age 18 and older who are unable to live independently due to physical disabilities, mental illness and or developmental disabilities.

Fees and Payments

Placements are subsidized. A resident’s contribution to the cost of care is based on the individual income.


1.  How many residents reside in an Adult Foster Care Home?

Providers may be certified to care for up to four (4) clients in their home.

2. How many residents typically reside in an assisted living home?

The number of residents in an assisted living facility ranges between 5-8.

3. Does an Adult Foster Care client have to use all of their income to pay for their placement?

Each resident is allowed to keep a small personal allowance each month. The personal allowance ranges between $60-$102 depending upon the amount of the client’s income the total cost of the placement.

4. Does a resident have to share a room?

Yes, unless there are special circumstances. 

Additional Information

No Additional Information at this time