Autism Waiver Service Coordination


How to Apply

The Autism Waiver serves 1600 children each year across the State of Maryland. Each year, a number of autism waiver "slots" are filled through attrition. These slots are offered on a first come first serve basis through the Autism Waiver Registry. To join the registry, please call 866-417-3480.

Documents To Bring

Once a waiver slot becomes available, families will receive notification from the Maryland State Department of Education on what information is required. In general, families will need to be ready to provide all documentation pertaining to the child’s disability (this may include but is not limited to medical records, school records and a child’s Individualized Educational Plan-IEP).

Eligibility Requirements

Children 0 to 21 years of age diagnosed autism, must be a resident of Maryland, have an approved IEP with 15 or more hours per week of special education, approved by Maryland State Department of Education. Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services does not determine eligibility for the Autism Waiver program.

Fees and Payments



1.  How do I add my child to the Autism Waiver Registry?

Contact the Autism Waiver Registry at 866-417-3480.

2.  My child is on the waiting list. Are there other services available to my child?

The My Turn Program may assist families with accessing information and linking to other resources in the community.

Additional Information

Please view our Autism Waiver brochures: English | Spanish